About Me

I was born first generation Canadian in Toronto to parents of European and West Indian descent. I have spent the majority of my life in the city and as a result have had the privilege of absorbing its diversity, unique culture and inclusive spirit.

I believe that everyone is born into circumstances and situations uniquely their own and as a result have a responsibility to share some of their experience with others be it on a public stage with bright lights or the private showing of the heart between trusted friends.

www.GrowingUpToronto.com is the place that I share mine. I put my heart into developing my abilities and I am passionate about giving to others with the hope of connecting, laughing and maybe even growing a bit with the company that I am in.

I also have the pleasure of being a Mommy to three amazing monsters who are currently 11. 9 and 6 years old and a wife to one really hip kind of fellow.  We love music, the arts, community, giving back and just about anything that helps us grow together...You will find some of our stories here.

Thanks for stopping by!