Still no words.

genius Andrew Craig and My
So I've been trying to figure out how to pose this one.

Still no words.

Here are some of the happenings in video and images from The King's Playlist

YouTube Shares and rehearsal video.

It was a day for the books filled and inspired by  world class talent, movement, activism and sound.

This was an opportunity I am sure he will remember forever.

Removing Funny Bones Before Dance Practice (in slow motion of course)

The morning of the call....MICROPHONE CHECK...1,2...What is This?
One of the highlights of my day. 

I asked my middle big son what his favorite part of the show and he said it was mostly amazing but there was one part that he did not like....Molly Johnson...."I just wasn't sure, it just gave me this feeling"

I congratulated him on feeling.  Let him know that it was more than likely his favourite but he'd understand it later in his life.

Bravo Molly!

when your big brother is your #bestie and you are coincidentally also his number 1 fan

I'm not sure how ready you are for this next one, 
He grabbed Salome...that's our jam!
check for this man!

Ohhhhhh and these two Kings...at rehearsal the night before!

It was kinda like a big day!

Awe Factor (it was beautiful)

#kings #joy #life

CREW! (that's Melissa Noventa #checkforher)

An amazing experience....and thanks sooo much for these last three images Jeremyah Gibbons they are pretty much magic!

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