Indigo Yonge & Eglinton Poetry Slam!!! (Event)

I know you are into your kids growing in their personal literacy journey and the arts.

Last year I had the opportunity of performing and judging at a Poetry Slam at the Indigo in Scarborough. This year it's happening again...I'm all in, mostly because all of the kids involved had an amazing time and watching the participants was transformational for all of them and personally me.

Just wanted to extend the invitation for you to invite your kids to get in on this fun and unique experience...in Toronto!



Get It?

I feel like life will drastically change once we get this.

Lately I've been trying to get this.

I feel like my kids get it, I make it a habit to watch and mimic their drive regularly.

I'm still trying to get this.

I've been away for a minute but thanks for reading!  I'm believing for myself and my family this year that we are about to grab some mountains.  That may sound a little advantageous but...so be it.

The last two years have been mind altering for myself on a personal level just dealing what we can safely call "life"  maybe I'll get into it a little more this year on the blog...

This post was not well planned but....we good!

January 30th?

Writers take your mark,
Get Set,
GO Dog GO!

This post has been brought to you by The Letter S(euss) and me Christine Jordan.

Let's Get IT!