First Days!

I've had a good handful of "first days".

Do you remember...

The horrors?
The pleasures?
The knots in your tummy?
The hopes?
The fears?

Me either...well maybe!

My kids were up all night - the night before this "first day"...They couldn't sleep because of all of the afore mentioned and then some.

They were thirsty, they were hungry, they forgot to pack their summer borrowed books and would surely forget them in the morning...one couldn't sleep because he had a ton of questions that he needed to have answered.  The last one I recalled was...

"Mom last question...what year was the movie Rapunzel released?"

"Honestly...have we ever seen Rapunzel?"

"No...but I was just wondering..."

I'm hoping they enjoy this next year as much as you do with you and yours whether it is full of first days or not!


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