On Sunblock & Running Away

I was coming out of the grocery store on a particularly hot day.

Like hot.

I was in a rush but not really. (You know those days?)

I seen a lady uncomfortably attempting to get out of earshot of an older man.

He was awkwardly wearing a pair of prescription aviator glasses with no tint, an exhausted trucker hat with a white mesh back that you could tell on first glance had seen many a sweaty day, a long sleeve dress shirt with a striped pattern, and some wind pants (the unbreathable kind), socks and a pair of work boot type sneaker looking shoes.

He had a couple of plastic bags hanging from his wrist they were empty.  

The lady rushed into the grocery store - it's like there was an invisible force field blocking the entrance to the store for the man and he immediately turned around and caught my eye as she entered...I was about 50 metres away.

I was in a rush but not really.

I felt really catching up though.

"Excuse me Miss can I talk to you?"

I kinda gave a look to the sky with my back turned as I packed my box of groceries into the passenger side of my car through my drivers-side door.

I turned to face him.."Definitely!"

He looked at me like really?

"Thank You!" he said.

He proceeded to tell me that he'd been walking around for the last few weeks asking people about sunblock, skin cancer, and was wondering if I had bought any sunblock today and was almost consumed with his research on how sunblock had not been proven to prevent skin cancer but we are buying it up anyway.

He told me "not to buy and just cover up."

"What kind of sunblock do animals use?" - he finished this train of thought with an "exactly". 

He asked me if I had ever heard anything on the topic.

There were moments when he had a tear in his eyes and his misunderstood passion was made vulnerable and he spoke so much.

I wasn't really in a rush.

He thanked me for listening.  

I thanked him for his research and his willingness to be out on a day like today sharing his knowledge.

He thanked me for listening again.  He peered into my grocery box and complimented my hot dog purchase...I told him they were on sale.  He looked at me sincerely pleased.

"You know, I tried to talk to a lady about the same things we discussed yesterday and she told me to get away.  I kept talking and explaining to her that I wasn't going to hurt her I just wanted to talk to ask her about sunblock."

"It was at that intersection right over there!"

I nodded.

"Can you believe she ran away?"

I shook my head no.

"She really ran away!"

of course we are parked!
I shot him a look of unbelief.

"When the light turned green she ran across the street to two men and started telling them something."

I once again confirmed my disbelief.

"I was standing at those lights and I watched her and then one of the men came across the street like he was really going to hurt me.  He was mad.  He asked me why I was bothering the lady.  I explained to him I was just educating her on the fact that sunblock has never been linked to preventing skin cancer.  He told me to leave and not talk to anybody anymore."

I was glad he disobeyed.

"I apologized and explained I meant no harm."

He looked at me by now I was sitting in my drivers seat with my legs hanging out of the car kind of hunched over staring up at him as he spoke to me with his head staring straight into the sun.

I interrupted him with an apology, that I was a little pressed for time but grateful that he had some moments to share with me and that I had to go for an appointment I needed to make.

I let him know I would consider my reasons behind purchasing and using sunblock the next time I was on the market for some.

He looked at me one last time and I swear that in another life he was an Isaac Newton or a 12th grade chemistry teacher...before life was interrupted.

He said, I really want to thank you for not running away.

I let him know it was no worries at all and he was nothing worth running away from.

Point taken.