My son's feet

They make me laugh. 

I sometimes make fun of them. 

Not bad fun. 

Good fun!

Yesterday he got me...

I was cutting his nails...not my favourite thing to do but mandatory for this child (all children). 

They were flying everywhere. 


Me: Buddy! Your toenails are wild today! What's up with that?

Him: What do you mean?

Me: They're flying everywhere! They are weapons they are even in my hair! Shoots look at other son for some laughter...

Him:  They're in your hair probally cause you are a witch!

Me: What's that even supposed to mean?? (Thinking to myself that was well played)

Him: Catches glances with his brother...hysterics. 

He was probally right that night...maybe. 


10 and 8 to date have been interesting...I love them!  Lol!!! I'm laughing while I write this. They have this funny dry borderline sarcastic humor that is in it's early stages. They still laugh like 4 year olds and try to act big but are still almost absolutely clueless to all things adult! 

I love them. 



This Good Friday has been a very Good Day!

A day to slow it down.

A day to reflect.

A day to hang out with family.

A day to eat some amazingly amazing fish!

We had fish and chips for lunch.

We used to do it every Good Friday- like the whole family when my Grandad was alive.  He'd tell us about the Fish and Chips back home, the way they changed hands over the years and this would be the opener to a few seemingly choice stories about the way things used to be.  Nana would nod and smile - but never touch a piece of fish.  To this day she tells me she hates it but her and my Grandad had this "opposites attract" chemistry and I'm sure, DOUBLE SURE she would not even put it to her lips because it would somehow detract from this love thang they had going on for decades! 

The quote of the day as spoken at our after lunch walk by the beach:

"When we went for the chips & chips Mom...I really liked that chicken."

She's picky.  

She assumed- I didn't call it a thing.

If she was a crayon she would be this super magnetic pink mixed with a majestic lavender laced with flecks of lime green.

She mostly makes my day.

We had Saltfish & Ackee for dinner. "We" means Him and I.  The kids...Mac n' Cheese, Veggies and Dip. 

It felt right!

Two things I would never force my kids to eat are fast food and Saltfish and Ackee.  The first out of conscience the second mostly out of greed. (I should really find another word for greed!)

Believe the Hype!

Give Thanks!

Happy Easter!



Middle Style

Can't you tell I'm different?

                                 I'm not like them   -   I have style.

Like, style!

I need my own closet.

For my style.

                            hang       up
I don't want to just        stuff    in the closet.

                            hang       up
I don't want to just        stuff    in the closet.

I need my own closet.

For my style.

I want to hang my stuff up in style.

My Outfits.   One Hanger.   Together.

Can't you tell I'm different?

                                 I'm not like them   -   I have style.

Like, style!

In fact they should share.

The next time we eat popcorn, watch us!
They stick handfuls in their mouths,
I put mine in one or two pieces at a time.


i heart him.