Trip Down Memory Lane?

It felt like it.

In February I had the privilege of visiting the Kindergarten students at Ionview Public School for Black History Month.

We talked history, we talked culture, we talked poetry and got into some spoken word- we also did some drama and got a double dose of dance fever!

It was a good day.

And then get this...

To my absolute delight I got an email inviting me back the week after March Break to get a dose of every single grade level in the school. (I usually share and talk to bigger kids)

I didn't think the one good day in February could be topped and on second thought it wasn't even topped - rather multiplied by SIX!

For the last week I have been sharing my love for poetry, spoken word and a little bit of hip-hop on a daily basis.  I've been presenting original works, speaking on the topic of your words coming alive but even greater inspiring and being inspired by an absolutely wonderful group of staff and students.

(did I say that?)



The poetry that the Ionview students have shared with me and songs they have presented me with during the sessions have been over the top.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to share with such an enthusiastic and respectful group of kids.

Here's a poem that I wrote about my week:

Poems About
(Inspired by the writings of the students at Ionview P.S.)

I've heard poems about honey,
poems about money,
poems about fruit,
and dance moves.

Poems about racing,
poems about chasing,
about dancing 
and musical toots!

Poems about dreaming,
poems about reading,
poems about writing
and food.

Poems about feelings,
poems about greetings,
poems that have left me quite moved!

So back to the part about the trip down Memory Lane...I used to be an Ionview Student.  I attended from Junior Kindergarten until the end of the Seventh Grade.  I felt like I saw and got to hang out with a lot of my old friends that week, who might I mention have turned out to be some really #goodpeople.



  1. AMAZING! Did you ever imagine, back then, that YOU would be inspiring a whole bunch of kids the way you do? You're amazing, my friend!

    1. Such a good feeling being back! The kids were amazing...imagine that was us a few years ago! ;) Thanks Sarah!