It's Friday!

You know that girl at your job that just lives for Friday?

The person that you greet cheerily on a Wednesday and you ask casually how they are doing.  You're not really looking for an answer but you're too late to withdraw the question because you have already asked and you mostly get strange and sometimes mumble-ish answers that you care not decipher, about some kind of anything.

About the way she forgot to open her sugar and threw the whole packet into her coffee cup, stirred and then recognized the paper floating in the top and went to buy a fresh k-cup but was out of change.

You know her?

The amazing lunch she packed the night before- but got so caught up in catching up on some email on the train that morning that she totally left it in the seat beside her in her haste to pocket her not so smartphone and engage in a light jog from the subway to her office in an effort to beat the clock.


But you some how catch the end wind up because it's clear and true..."But it's almost Friday, two more sleeps!  And she walks away with an uneasy wink and or nod.

It didn't take long.

It snuck up on   me   her.

Let her know you have good news for her today...It's Friday!