Santa's House?

A couple nights ago she came into the kitchen...

"Mom the other day when we were at the stores I met Santa, I thought he was really nice do you think that I could go back and talk to him some more one day?"

(For the record I don't do Santa...yes Mom I am a bit of wet blanket.)

"Ummmm, ok Sal...I will see if Daddy can take you again some time."

(I also am not very good at malls)

Tonight after work she asked again.

"Mom, can me, you and Myles go to Santa's house now?"

"Sure! We will go to the mall."

"Not his work Mom, his house!...Nana said she went there and it is really nice and really fun there." (Thanks Mom!)

"His house?"


"Like the North Pole?"

"Yes...drive there now!"

I got a quick glance at her big seven year old brother and his face was like let's see you get out of this one.

"It's too far but maybe another day. If you want to see him we have to go to his work...we going?" (He was looking at me like, ohhh she does believe in Santa.)

We went.

She really wanted to talk to him I wasn't sure why. (We don't even have a chimney.)

She climbed up on his lap and the Santa chats began. He was done, he kind of patted her on her head...and then she Salomed.

"So, what do YOU want for Christmas Santa?"

He kind of looked at me- "well...just some white milk and cookies."

She said, "OK!"

She jumped off his lap and ran at me...gave me a quick smile and...

"Oh! We forgot the picture!"

She dashed back and asked if she was good to take a seat again.

The nice elf woman took the picture.

It was a literal wrap.

I like my kid she's pretty sweet.

She makes me weak.


This Christmas

Like never before I'm looking forward to this Christmas.

I'm not sure what it is exactly...I'm not "ready" for it yet, I did score a day off though.

I feel like it's something deeper this year.

I've learned a lot over the past 12 months about what makes me and what makes me strong.

I'm thankful for my little family, humble beginning and the gift of together.

This is a poem that I wrote last year around this time...I just threw a little audio on it...enjoy and please if you dig it...share!