My son's feet

They make me laugh. 

I sometimes make fun of them. 

Not bad fun. 

Good fun!

Yesterday he got me...

I was cutting his nails...not my favourite thing to do but mandatory for this child (all children). 

They were flying everywhere. 


Me: Buddy! Your toenails are wild today! What's up with that?

Him: What do you mean?

Me: They're flying everywhere! They are weapons they are even in my hair! Shoots look at other son for some laughter...

Him:  They're in your hair probally cause you are a witch!

Me: What's that even supposed to mean?? (Thinking to myself that was well played)

Him: Catches glances with his brother...hysterics. 

He was probally right that night...maybe. 


10 and 8 to date have been interesting...I love them!  Lol!!! I'm laughing while I write this. They have this funny dry borderline sarcastic humor that is in it's early stages. They still laugh like 4 year olds and try to act big but are still almost absolutely clueless to all things adult! 

I love them. 

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