In the meantime?

I got asked this question the other day.

Almost confronted by my self.

It was a difficult one to answer.
my beautiful dreamers

Because I have not always been responsible with the time that it takes to get from here to there.

We all have some hope or plan for the future.

I've set things in motion in an attempt to get mine.

But the moments between initially getting the ball rolling and apprehending the dream can be difficult.

We could relate it to a pregnancy, a giant waiting game of sorts...there is discomfort, change, growth and just a hoping that needs to happen.

We need to take care of what has been placed inside of us.

Even defend the life of our dream at times.

Because the outside may demean it.

The outside will come for your dream's life...can I encourage you to hold on and keep dreaming?

Share your dream with someone today - someone you trust...and if there is no one you trust...you can email me by clicking here.

Forget about the finances you don't have to see it accomplished and become successful in the meantime.

Do all that you can with what you have so when your next step comes you will be ready to embrace it and apply it to the manifestation of your bigger.

In my meantime, I write, I pray, I listen, I dream some more little dreams, I focus on my family and encourage them to find and start building theirs.  I give my self to relationship with people I love and revere. I find people who don't mind me rubbing off on them and I commune with people that I hope will rub off on me.

I looked up the term meantime in the dictionary and it used the word intervene when it stated it's definition.  The "intervening time"...I thought that was pretty cool.  The time that mediates, comes between, occurs and really preps us for what is to come.

(Please don't discount it!)

Progression and Movement.

Forsaking complacency and becoming married to inspiration and truth.

Recognize and value the things in your life that need to grow.

Count your time as important and make the most of every opportunity.

When it comes to You specifically- ALL of the choices you make are significant.

You are worth it!

The world needs your dream.


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