Still Dreaming? (video)

"Still Dreaming"- Is a good place to be and I've decided that I'm OK with living in this dreamy place for a while.

I say dreamy but it is not all that dreamy.

It's a place of imagination, hoping, sometimes straight conspiring, some waiting, a fair amount of frustration and all laced with a certain anticipation (I'll work on my explanations)...I've decided it's the right place for us now.

We've been working diligently on a couple projects we are going to be rolling out in the next few months (mostly music) and at times I want them to just be DONE but on the flip side I'm learning a lot about process, patience and really just life and the fullness of it not being gained by reaching a destination but rather absorbing the entire journey.

These are hard words for me to say...but I've learned I breathe better when I don't hold my breathe and take steps to put myself out there and kind of become accountable to whoever would listen.

A couple weeks back Andre Ford of www.whatinspiresme.ca and I got to bang heads a little bit.  I wanted to share this super cool video his creativity birthed...I was inspired to say the least.

It's a poem I wrote a few years back and actually posted on the blog about 3 years ago here.

I'm a fan of cool stuff coming together accidentally on purpose...Thanks Mr. Ford!


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