Still Dreaming? (video)

"Still Dreaming"- Is a good place to be and I've decided that I'm OK with living in this dreamy place for a while.

I say dreamy but it is not all that dreamy.

It's a place of imagination, hoping, sometimes straight conspiring, some waiting, a fair amount of frustration and all laced with a certain anticipation (I'll work on my explanations)...I've decided it's the right place for us now.

We've been working diligently on a couple projects we are going to be rolling out in the next few months (mostly music) and at times I want them to just be DONE but on the flip side I'm learning a lot about process, patience and really just life and the fullness of it not being gained by reaching a destination but rather absorbing the entire journey.

These are hard words for me to say...but I've learned I breathe better when I don't hold my breathe and take steps to put myself out there and kind of become accountable to whoever would listen.

A couple weeks back Andre Ford of www.whatinspiresme.ca and I got to bang heads a little bit.  I wanted to share this super cool video his creativity birthed...I was inspired to say the least.

It's a poem I wrote a few years back and actually posted on the blog about 3 years ago here.

I'm a fan of cool stuff coming together accidentally on purpose...Thanks Mr. Ford!



Aidan's Mom

"Hi Aidan's Mom!"

I remember the day I became nameless.

It was in my son's school yard.

It had happened a few times before but it never really struck a chord.

The revelation wasn't there.

I became nameless, but never faceless or shapeless.

 Associated and covered by another who came from the inside of me.

"Aidan's Mom"

The smile on his little friend's face was sweet and sincere.

Almost like he'd seen Aidan.

He knew I'd answer when he addressed me as such.

He didn't dance around calling the right name.

He called it like he saw it...and it was.

"Aidan's Mom"

 I settled almost at that moment that life would be amazing if I never aspired to be anything more than just her...

"Aidan's Mom"

This Mother's Day and always I am counting it a privilege to be one.

I've been learning a lot about life, love and living the last couple of months.

I'm understanding better the power of purpose and perspective.


To all the Mommies on the planet holding it down...Happy Mother's Day!

Keep dreaming and giving and being strong. 

You're appreciated!