You Are My Sunshine!

My days are mostly brighter with my sunshine.

Her smile.

Her Eyes.

Her Everything.

She's even got a bite and a mild sting about her when she feels the need to bring it out.



The love we share, Everything!

I haven't been in the best of "spirits" as of late and she can tell.  

And I wish she couldn't.

The strength of a child.

This morning she came into my room.

Eyes Wide.

She asked me "How old are you Mommy?"

I halfway mumbled back (mostly because she repeats everything).

"What did you say Mommy?"

"32, Salome!"

And in a voice who's inflection resembled my own but who's tone was tiny, 

"Ohhhhhh, you a big girl now!"

And she smiled - she made the assumption she had made my new day.

She did.

"Big Girl" compliments always make hers.

Dark is so less of a burden when light is your relief - Define your sunshine.

It's like the ability to encourage yourself and it is matchless and courage enhancing.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
Helen Keller

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