Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

My little son unapologetically loves his friends that are girls.

My big son...not so much.

Around the big one you often have to proceed with extreme caution when mentioning non-family female members names even in his presence.

He's not having it.

At all.

Not a trace of a liking or any kind of Valentining going on if he has his way.

I'm sure if it was a different age he'd have Spanky's job as president of the little federation those 'Little Rascals' had put together many moons ago.

But my little son.

He's like....a defender of women.  (Funny right?)

I honestly don't know how else to say it.

He's a relational kid.

He loves long conversations.

Listening (if you're not rhyming off to do lists).

Playing fun games.

Long walks.

LOL - sorry.

He's the boy that buys a box of Valentine's cards writes them out for his entire class, seals them up, counts the remaining and proceeds to fill them out with the names of other kiddies from the school yard.

My big son was almost mortified when my little one started asking for the spellings of the names of girls in his class.

And my little son equally appalled when the eight year old announced that he would not be handing out Valentines cards this year because plainly he wanted no part of it (but he would still need some candy for the in class party).


These boys are much like those who are raisin' them.

My husband and I are so "North and South" on things like Valentine's and celebrations that we don't quite get.

Anyway if you celebrate I hope it's an amazing Valentine's Day for you if you don't well I hope it's an Amazing Day for you period.

Make the best of it laugh and love a little today.

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