Meet My Friend Ed-Esther (A Guest Post)

So a 3 year old hurt my feelings today as I was about to leave work.

As I was walking past, she turned to her older sister and said "What's wrong with her hair?" 

Although I am 27 years old, the comment stung. 

I thought about what to say as I kept walking...a few minutes later I decided to go talk to her:

(their kids will have $1,000,001 smiles!)

"Hey there - you're so cute! You know - as I was walking past you I heard what you said. I just wanted to tell you there is nothing wrong with my hair, it's just different than yours." 

"Well my mom doesn't have hair like you, it's not black." she said.

"That's right and that's OK - it's different in colour and in texture than my hair...Just like your eyes are brown and your sister's are blue and both are great!" 

The conversation basically ended there because well... She is 3 and got distracted (lol) but it made me think about a few missions I will be on as a future mom.

Teaching our children to find their identity in Christ, helping them to be respectful, kind & disciplined, fun, athletic, talented in the arts (etc!) but one other BIG thing that I soooo want them to know is that being black is an honour and a positive and wonderful thing, even when others don't think so! 


What important facets of your life and living do you hope to pass on to your children?

My lovely Canadian-Haitian friend has been in Toronto (by way of Montreal) for the last 10 years.  She's scholarly (I've been schooled), beautiful (have you seen her?), outgoing (understated), an amazing wife, daughter, sister and auntie (I've heard). 

She teaches French in the city and has a passion for Life, Education, The Arts,  Jesus and her Samuel. 

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