DENISE! #throwbackthursday

Remember the first time you saw a person you could kind of relate to or even shared some features with on TV?

She had a really cool and seemingly misunderstood sense of style.

She could kick it with anybody.

She was an amazing big sister to Theo.

She was cool.

She always had wise words for her siblings

Some pretty good reasoning for Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable too.

She started off a really smart girl.

Did I say she was cool?

And when she went to Hillman- she became my hero.

So cool!

She mostly lost me after marrying Martin....(I think that was part of the irony with the Huxtable children though...namely Sandra or arguably Vanessa.)

But her locs (redemptive quality).

(I think Rudy would have been the crown jewel but I guess we will never know.)

but Denise...oh Denise!

I mean, Lisa Bonet.

Who was your favourite?

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