hockey hair?

The kid will not cut his hair.
Whenever we go to Grandma and Grandpa's place, I hear it:

"What are they (my husband and I of course) doing to my grandson and his pretty hair?" 

"Who combs this?"

"You don't comb this?"

(all in a mild Bajan accent)

I casually mention that by the time she has sighted his mane he has had his hair picked out...been to Sunday school and has removed and replaced his toque about 165 times earlier the same day. 

I won't lie it's sometimes a source of contention.


My husband almost refuses to touch it on a morning before school.

"If you want to grow it Aid you need to learn to take care of it yourself!"

He picks at it about 7-10 minutes a morning.
his preferred tool
He's going for the gold on this one and looks like his little brother is not too far behind.

I caught myself almost begging for Aid to get a braid up a couple of weeks ago and he let me know he wasn't having it.

He wants no part of any kind of braid or twist.

He has agreed to line-ups though.

Me:  "So what are you going to do with it then...just let it grow?"

Him: "Yes!"

So I guess this is the beginning of a boy and his hair journey.

I've currently elected Grant Fuhr for hockey hair hero of the month (at least at its current length.)
Read more about Mr. Fuhr here.

What a career!

Here's a song I wrote a couple of years back it touches on the topic of esteem, the importance of family, priorities, growing up and sacrifice. 


Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

My little son unapologetically loves his friends that are girls.

My big son...not so much.

Around the big one you often have to proceed with extreme caution when mentioning non-family female members names even in his presence.

He's not having it.

At all.

Not a trace of a liking or any kind of Valentining going on if he has his way.

I'm sure if it was a different age he'd have Spanky's job as president of the little federation those 'Little Rascals' had put together many moons ago.

But my little son.

He's like....a defender of women.  (Funny right?)

I honestly don't know how else to say it.

He's a relational kid.

He loves long conversations.

Listening (if you're not rhyming off to do lists).

Playing fun games.

Long walks.

LOL - sorry.

He's the boy that buys a box of Valentine's cards writes them out for his entire class, seals them up, counts the remaining and proceeds to fill them out with the names of other kiddies from the school yard.

My big son was almost mortified when my little one started asking for the spellings of the names of girls in his class.

And my little son equally appalled when the eight year old announced that he would not be handing out Valentines cards this year because plainly he wanted no part of it (but he would still need some candy for the in class party).


These boys are much like those who are raisin' them.

My husband and I are so "North and South" on things like Valentine's and celebrations that we don't quite get.

Anyway if you celebrate I hope it's an amazing Valentine's Day for you if you don't well I hope it's an Amazing Day for you period.

Make the best of it laugh and love a little today.


You Are My Sunshine!

My days are mostly brighter with my sunshine.

Her smile.

Her Eyes.

Her Everything.

She's even got a bite and a mild sting about her when she feels the need to bring it out.



The love we share, Everything!

I haven't been in the best of "spirits" as of late and she can tell.  

And I wish she couldn't.

The strength of a child.

This morning she came into my room.

Eyes Wide.

She asked me "How old are you Mommy?"

I halfway mumbled back (mostly because she repeats everything).

"What did you say Mommy?"

"32, Salome!"

And in a voice who's inflection resembled my own but who's tone was tiny, 

"Ohhhhhh, you a big girl now!"

And she smiled - she made the assumption she had made my new day.

She did.

"Big Girl" compliments always make hers.

Dark is so less of a burden when light is your relief - Define your sunshine.

It's like the ability to encourage yourself and it is matchless and courage enhancing.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
Helen Keller


DENISE! #throwbackthursday

Remember the first time you saw a person you could kind of relate to or even shared some features with on TV?

She had a really cool and seemingly misunderstood sense of style.

She could kick it with anybody.

She was an amazing big sister to Theo.

She was cool.

She always had wise words for her siblings

Some pretty good reasoning for Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable too.

She started off a really smart girl.

Did I say she was cool?

And when she went to Hillman- she became my hero.

So cool!

She mostly lost me after marrying Martin....(I think that was part of the irony with the Huxtable children though...namely Sandra or arguably Vanessa.)

But her locs (redemptive quality).

(I think Rudy would have been the crown jewel but I guess we will never know.)

but Denise...oh Denise!

I mean, Lisa Bonet.

Who was your favourite?


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman

You know when the words of the past speak to your present?

"Present" may not be the best word...your inner man- your spirit.

So current and intimate.

Like, really close.

I've always been a fan and really inspired by Harriet Tubman and all she has contributed to freedom.

To me she is victory personified.

She is an amazing example of overcoming.  A woman who refused to be a victim of her circumstances, oppression and oppressors.

I've taken in the story of her life on many occasions and...I'm constantly working on wrapping my head and lifestyle around what it takes to capture a dream.

"Strength, Patience and Passion."

That simple?  

Her person was so far beyond me.

Taking Notes, 


Meet My Friend Ed-Esther (A Guest Post)

So a 3 year old hurt my feelings today as I was about to leave work.

As I was walking past, she turned to her older sister and said "What's wrong with her hair?" 

Although I am 27 years old, the comment stung. 

I thought about what to say as I kept walking...a few minutes later I decided to go talk to her:

(their kids will have $1,000,001 smiles!)

"Hey there - you're so cute! You know - as I was walking past you I heard what you said. I just wanted to tell you there is nothing wrong with my hair, it's just different than yours." 

"Well my mom doesn't have hair like you, it's not black." she said.

"That's right and that's OK - it's different in colour and in texture than my hair...Just like your eyes are brown and your sister's are blue and both are great!" 

The conversation basically ended there because well... She is 3 and got distracted (lol) but it made me think about a few missions I will be on as a future mom.

Teaching our children to find their identity in Christ, helping them to be respectful, kind & disciplined, fun, athletic, talented in the arts (etc!) but one other BIG thing that I soooo want them to know is that being black is an honour and a positive and wonderful thing, even when others don't think so! 


What important facets of your life and living do you hope to pass on to your children?

My lovely Canadian-Haitian friend has been in Toronto (by way of Montreal) for the last 10 years.  She's scholarly (I've been schooled), beautiful (have you seen her?), outgoing (understated), an amazing wife, daughter, sister and auntie (I've heard). 

She teaches French in the city and has a passion for Life, Education, The Arts,  Jesus and her Samuel. 


I'm a fan of the story #BHM

I'm a fan of the story.

I'm a fan of the human experience and I enjoy cheering.

I'm a fan of sincerity, honesty and genuine persuasion.

I'm a fan of simplicity and history.

I'm a fan of strength and perseverance.

I cheer for these because I desire them and authentically long to love them more.

It's Black History Month and I am a fan.