February has to be my favourite month when it comes to celebrations and all things remembering.

It's Black History Month, Family Day (in Canada) and Valentine's and this in more than one way excites me.  

I get messages on Facebook, DMs on Twitter, emails and imagine even phone calls from people who want to chat about what's happening at www.GrowingUpToronto.com

It usually starts with "I love your kids" and then comes a reference to a recent or not so recent post and then...the connection...their story...usually an experience that is just really bubbling on the inside of them that is just bursting to come out.

And then we both feel lighter, we've grown a little and I have heard the smiles in peoples voices. 

The power of building together.

So I was wondering if you would like to share your story this month?

Looking for all things Family, Love, Black History/Culture in relation to your experience.

A favourite youtube video, a website, a personal poem, a published work by a famous writer, some lyrics from your favourite indie artist or a growing up experience (in 350 words or less) that really gripped your heart...the possibilities are many...send the links and attach your NOSTALGIA!!!
I'll share your contributions all month long through our social media outlets...so get writing and sending...you know you want us to hear it!

send your submissions to growinguptoronto@gmail.com

Encouraging Conversation, 

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