Parents Just Don't Understand? #throwbackthursday

When I used to hear this song...I could relate.  

I thought, this dude is really talking about life...he knows what's going down.

Lip Syncs, Talent Shows....this track was bound to be in the mix of performances...it was edgy, relatively clean but am sure it would have been rated at least a PG back in the day (and rightly so).  

Funny how time, life and ratings change.

My Mom was relatively young and hip when I was "growing up" but I still sided with Will...at times they (parents) just don't understand (no matter how "in" they are).

So now it's my turn right?

I've been called "cool" on occasion.

My middle son thinks I'm hip.

Don't ask my eldest...the other day I was trying to firmly direct him in a way he should go and he told me to "relax" because I was being too "aggressive"...so don't ask him...

I guess I have arrived.

Admittedly I don't understand...everything...only most things! ;)

I'm sure Will gets it now too!

Better with age?

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