my tree is still up...

and I'm tempted to leave it up.

Not sure exactly why...but when the thing is erect everything in my living room and the boys' room for some odd reason stays relatively neat and tidy.

This is important because 4/5 people that live where we live are not so much concerned with the view of the living room or our bedroom floors.

On more than one occasion...my husband has made us take a long hard look after his cleaning jobs and agree that we are happier living our lives on the neater side of the planet (I'm glad I share a room with him).

I was wondering what it is that makes some people so neat?
I was also wondering what it would take for me to want to be that person??
And thirdly do all Producers and DJs have at least mild cases of OCD???

just wondering...

being more organized is definitely one thing I'm committing to in #2013.

Any suggestions? (not sure the tree will make it past next weekend)


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