Her ears - my heart.

My darling girl.

Yes she is!

Yes she is!

Decided to pierce her ears this weekend.

(My father would tell me that children aged three don't get to decide...)

But regardless -she decided and we went.

She soldiered it...like soldiered it!

She'll tell you her big rock star cousin "cried like a baby" when she got her second set of earrings last weekend but that is only a little true. 

They are good girls...like really good little girls.

A lot of thinking and watching my kids lately.  I'm not sure what it is...sometimes I feel like their living is just packed with wisdom and insight...watching my daughter get ready for the world is pretty heavy.

I should define "heavy" because when I say it my Mom mistakes it for "depressed" ...but what I mean simply is "really intense"...like when you hear people say...

"where does the time go???"

Man...it's gone...(like really gone!)

But gracefully still going on!

I overheard my husband giving an unauthorized pep talk to my daughter on having to start kindergarten this year and the importance of being a "big girl".

I thought to myself..."are you kidding me?"

I wanted to stop him...she didn't need to hear about it...let her live a little...let the kid be three...don't rush her dude! 

But when I took a look around the corner her eyes were wider than wide...and so ready...
this growing up thing is turning out to be quite the trip...

Have you ever had to fight the urge to hold on?


  1. Yes I do fight the urge to hold on. I only have one child (a 10 year old) so I understand the desire and almost need to hold on to the past where children are concerened. Once minute it feels like they need you all the time, the next you feel like you are in their way.

    As my child gets older, I pray that God will protect and guide him as the world is a scary place. This blog is one I can relate to; although I do not have a little girl I do wonder "where has the time gone?"

    1. I totally hear that...I have two boys a bit older than Sal and the past 8 years have been a constant attempt to capture...As long as we are living everyday to the fullest...and prizing our faith over our fears...I'm sure they will all get on "just right!"

    2. What Kindergarden Earrings Already? Oooooooooooh Noooooooooo!!!! lol Luv y'all

  2. My daughter will stay 7 for the next 2.3 years....lol