"going for the gold" eighties moment much?... #throwbackthursday

  1. fluorescent green oversized t-shirt
  2. spandex bike shorts with a neon pink stripe up the side
  3. Nana's blue eyeshadow
  4. Granddad's turntable
  5. a clear living room floor with some banging orange carpet
  6. the attitude of an absolute beast of a dancing machine
  7. my little sister Jackie
  8. and this album:


Don't front...You have that song that takes you back every time you hear it.

The jam that only felt right behind closed doors...

accompanied by a mic made of a discarded toilet paper roll...

best belted at the top of your lungs


 for me it was almost all things "Janet"..."Miss Jackson!"

Take a little dose of that "going for the gold" eighties kid this Thursday...dance like it's Friday!  I dare you...and leave your #throwbackthursday tune in the comments I'd love to hear it.


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  1. Song-"Parents just don't understand"
    Artist-Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince