Do You!

In the heat of some free time he leaned in and announced a change of game to his obedient little sister and pronounced that it was now time to play superheroes and this is how the story went...

"You need to choose a super hero name if we are going to play superheroes!"

"Ok!" (pause and blank stare)

"So what is it?" he said in a borderline frustrated tone.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"Your superhero name?...Who are you going to be?"

"Oh! Ok...."

(about 12 seconds pass)

"Salome!" he cried.

She cleared her throat and began to sing the words to one of her favourite songs.

"Salome! The name!"

"That is my name!" she called back.

"But, it can't be...it's a song!" he said almost breathless.

"But, it is!...I want my superhero name to be...(and she began to sing her favourite line again)"

"Batman! Batgirl! Catwoman? Supergirl?...A SUPERHERO SALOME!"

"Nope!" as she sang some more.

"Fine...forget it!"

She just kind of smiled and kept singing and did exactly that...forgot it.

He got over it...she was fine...they were playing less than 10 minutes later. 

    I'd usually interject and kind of name her myself and push her into role or something...but not that day...I learned a lesson in dreaming, being and really standing.

    1. Compromise is not always the best response.
    2. If they are sincerely for you they won't always say "Yes".
    3. If you have a dream or a "thing" that you are about or a name that you need to be called because you know it is your destiny...set your faith and go for it...don't settle...do you!  

    when was the last time you "did you?"


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