Parents Just Don't Understand? #throwbackthursday

When I used to hear this song...I could relate.  

I thought, this dude is really talking about life...he knows what's going down.

Lip Syncs, Talent Shows....this track was bound to be in the mix of performances...it was edgy, relatively clean but am sure it would have been rated at least a PG back in the day (and rightly so).  

Funny how time, life and ratings change.

My Mom was relatively young and hip when I was "growing up" but I still sided with Will...at times they (parents) just don't understand (no matter how "in" they are).

So now it's my turn right?

I've been called "cool" on occasion.

My middle son thinks I'm hip.

Don't ask my eldest...the other day I was trying to firmly direct him in a way he should go and he told me to "relax" because I was being too "aggressive"...so don't ask him...

I guess I have arrived.

Admittedly I don't understand...everything...only most things! ;)

I'm sure Will gets it now too!

Better with age?



February has to be my favourite month when it comes to celebrations and all things remembering.

It's Black History Month, Family Day (in Canada) and Valentine's and this in more than one way excites me.  

I get messages on Facebook, DMs on Twitter, emails and imagine even phone calls from people who want to chat about what's happening at www.GrowingUpToronto.com

It usually starts with "I love your kids" and then comes a reference to a recent or not so recent post and then...the connection...their story...usually an experience that is just really bubbling on the inside of them that is just bursting to come out.

And then we both feel lighter, we've grown a little and I have heard the smiles in peoples voices. 

The power of building together.

So I was wondering if you would like to share your story this month?

Looking for all things Family, Love, Black History/Culture in relation to your experience.

A favourite youtube video, a website, a personal poem, a published work by a famous writer, some lyrics from your favourite indie artist or a growing up experience (in 350 words or less) that really gripped your heart...the possibilities are many...send the links and attach your NOSTALGIA!!!
I'll share your contributions all month long through our social media outlets...so get writing and sending...you know you want us to hear it!

send your submissions to growinguptoronto@gmail.com

Encouraging Conversation, 


Do You!

In the heat of some free time he leaned in and announced a change of game to his obedient little sister and pronounced that it was now time to play superheroes and this is how the story went...

"You need to choose a super hero name if we are going to play superheroes!"

"Ok!" (pause and blank stare)

"So what is it?" he said in a borderline frustrated tone.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"Your superhero name?...Who are you going to be?"

"Oh! Ok...."

(about 12 seconds pass)

"Salome!" he cried.

She cleared her throat and began to sing the words to one of her favourite songs.

"Salome! The name!"

"That is my name!" she called back.

"But, it can't be...it's a song!" he said almost breathless.

"But, it is!...I want my superhero name to be...(and she began to sing her favourite line again)"

"Batman! Batgirl! Catwoman? Supergirl?...A SUPERHERO SALOME!"

"Nope!" as she sang some more.

"Fine...forget it!"

She just kind of smiled and kept singing and did exactly that...forgot it.

He got over it...she was fine...they were playing less than 10 minutes later. 

    I'd usually interject and kind of name her myself and push her into role or something...but not that day...I learned a lesson in dreaming, being and really standing.

    1. Compromise is not always the best response.
    2. If they are sincerely for you they won't always say "Yes".
    3. If you have a dream or a "thing" that you are about or a name that you need to be called because you know it is your destiny...set your faith and go for it...don't settle...do you!  

    when was the last time you "did you?"



    "going for the gold" eighties moment much?... #throwbackthursday

    1. fluorescent green oversized t-shirt
    2. spandex bike shorts with a neon pink stripe up the side
    3. Nana's blue eyeshadow
    4. Granddad's turntable
    5. a clear living room floor with some banging orange carpet
    6. the attitude of an absolute beast of a dancing machine
    7. my little sister Jackie
    8. and this album:


    Don't front...You have that song that takes you back every time you hear it.

    The jam that only felt right behind closed doors...

    accompanied by a mic made of a discarded toilet paper roll...

    best belted at the top of your lungs

    ...THAT SONG...

     for me it was almost all things "Janet"..."Miss Jackson!"

    Take a little dose of that "going for the gold" eighties kid this Thursday...dance like it's Friday!  I dare you...and leave your #throwbackthursday tune in the comments I'd love to hear it.



    the words of a King...

    Because it starts with a dream...

    keep dreaming.

    It's mostly an uphill battle...

    keep climbing.

    The impossibility of it all can at times be overwhelming...

    but it makes the dream's victory all the more sweet.

    Be inspired.
    Celebrate life.

    Happy Martin Luther King Day!

    How are you feeling this Monday?



    Polka who? #throwbackthursday

    It used to frustrate me.

    Not smack the TV frustrate me but nonetheless it'd get me.


    You knew Polkaroo would come everyday...why couldn't you guys just stay together?...just one day!

    And if you left...why couldn't you just hurry back...it happened everyday!

    Was there ever a great big finale...I'd love to see it...like love...can we make it happen?  Two hosts with the Roo...Just for closure purposes.

    here's to dreaming.




    Her ears - my heart.

    My darling girl.

    Yes she is!

    Yes she is!

    Decided to pierce her ears this weekend.

    (My father would tell me that children aged three don't get to decide...)

    But regardless -she decided and we went.

    She soldiered it...like soldiered it!

    She'll tell you her big rock star cousin "cried like a baby" when she got her second set of earrings last weekend but that is only a little true. 

    They are good girls...like really good little girls.

    A lot of thinking and watching my kids lately.  I'm not sure what it is...sometimes I feel like their living is just packed with wisdom and insight...watching my daughter get ready for the world is pretty heavy.

    I should define "heavy" because when I say it my Mom mistakes it for "depressed" ...but what I mean simply is "really intense"...like when you hear people say...

    "where does the time go???"

    Man...it's gone...(like really gone!)

    But gracefully still going on!

    I overheard my husband giving an unauthorized pep talk to my daughter on having to start kindergarten this year and the importance of being a "big girl".

    I thought to myself..."are you kidding me?"

    I wanted to stop him...she didn't need to hear about it...let her live a little...let the kid be three...don't rush her dude! 

    But when I took a look around the corner her eyes were wider than wide...and so ready...
    this growing up thing is turning out to be quite the trip...

    Have you ever had to fight the urge to hold on?


    Celebrate Family Literacy Day!

    We celebrate Family Literacy Day.

    It's fun and you do it almost every day -I'm sure!

    Secure 15 minutes of a day and build together.

    Family Literacy Day is an initiative that started in 1999 by an organization I greatly respect ABC Life Literacy Canada.  We met them about 3 years ago when they hosted a national writing contest that the boys and I entered and scored a chance to spend a couple days with Robert Munsch and tell stories and hear stories, create stories, and story, story, story all the days long.

    It was awesome.

    I'd encourage you to check out their site on all things literacy.  They make developing our literacy skills super easy.

    Thought I'd share.

    You can click here to read more about our Munsch adventure!



    Unsupervised. #throwbackthursday

    Remember when our parents used to send us to the store for them?

    For anything and everything?


    Usually with a note though. (I still managed to forget things)

    One of the stories I tell my kids.

    Kind of like an urban legend to them.

    (Weren't there bad guys "back then?")

    It would be cool to go back...even if only for a moment...

    This clip took me there:

    What was your favourite thing to buy with the change?

    If it was a buck I would get a mild beef patty and some gum...I've since graduated to spicy.


    my tree is still up...

    and I'm tempted to leave it up.

    Not sure exactly why...but when the thing is erect everything in my living room and the boys' room for some odd reason stays relatively neat and tidy.

    This is important because 4/5 people that live where we live are not so much concerned with the view of the living room or our bedroom floors.

    On more than one occasion...my husband has made us take a long hard look after his cleaning jobs and agree that we are happier living our lives on the neater side of the planet (I'm glad I share a room with him).

    I was wondering what it is that makes some people so neat?
    I was also wondering what it would take for me to want to be that person??
    And thirdly do all Producers and DJs have at least mild cases of OCD???

    just wondering...

    being more organized is definitely one thing I'm committing to in #2013.

    Any suggestions? (not sure the tree will make it past next weekend)




    My 6 year old's first book of the New Year...To say he was reluctant to read to me that Wednesday would be a severe understatement...but once he got the ball rolling...he went.
    My first day back to work after a week and some off...I could definitely relate to my boy.

    It's going to take a few really big swings to swing me back into the swing of things to say the least.

    I prize quality time with my little tribe.


    I had an amazing December.


    I'd love to do it again every day of every week (I'd even be ok with snow).

    Chronic Day Dreamer.

    I'm thankful for most of 2012


    It hurt sometimes too.


    Didn't quite achieve all I had hoped to.

    Chasing It.

    I learned a lot.

    Still Growing.


    how about you?