Santa Who?

I was asked the other day by a friend how we celebrate Christmas...if we did Santa, about traditions, and really just things we enjoy during the holiday season.

Last year boxing week, I went out with my "Santa Enthusiast" mother and then 2 year old daughter to a few shops to snag some buys.  The last store we visited had a handful of Santas on display.

My Mom caught a glimpse of them and proceeded to do what she always does whenever she sees anything "North Pole" related and any verbiage that follows usually starts with a huge inhale...

It typically goes like this:

"Who's that?" (in a voice way to excitable for a grown adult)

and  "What does Santa Say?" (grinning ear to ear)

Most times you'd get a HO HO HO, Merry Christmas...but not that Thursday.

My Mom: "Salome who's that?"

Salome: "Geeeth-ushh" (in English this means JESUS)

The look on my mother's face.

Absolutely Priceless!

So to answer the question...

We talk about the birth of Jesus, we visit manger scenes, we carol, go to services and spark conversation with our very young family.  

We go to Santa Claus parades, decorate trees, give gifts, feast and other fun holiday things but we make it a priority to make sure the baby at the root of all the celebrating remains bigger.

So we get it in...kids, culture, family traditions and our beliefs.  Obviously a work in progress but this is all a part of the growing up process.

How do you celebrate?

Living to embrace it,

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