Went carolling with my son's scout group last week.

It was at a nursing home.

The time came to sing.

He kind of panicked when he was handed a book of carols...he thought he "just came to sing".

He pulled me away from the group and in a very persistent whisper...

"Mom, I can't read in English!"

"Don't worry babe...no one knows all the words...I mostly make them up as I go...You'll do great!"

It seemed to soothe him and they sang on the tippy tops of their little lungs.

One lady I talked to thanked me for showing up with my kids at the end.

She said it was good to see us. 

I'm no scout leader - she said watching me "take care" (chase) my daughter while the older kids sang made her remember what it was like when her children were their age and she smiled.

She mentioned that it gets really lonely for her personally this time of year when everyone seems so busy with everything that pretty much makes their seasonal clocks tick.

I'm reminded to keep it simple and sincere this season.

How do you, have you or will you #giveback this season?


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