That Simple

"I can't wait for tomorrow...it's Christmas!!!

I actually wish that yesterday was today!"

my eight year old

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year!


Checking It Twice

My 3 year old has been asking for one specific gift this Christmas season.

She wants a "girl baby doll with blue hair".

Every time I've asked, she has confirmed the same thing.

Earlier today I decided to check in to see if there was anything she wanted to add to her request.

"Do you have anything else that you wanted for Christmas Salome?"


"What's that?"

"A nice girl baby doll with blue hair..."

"A skateboard..."

"You have one?"

"A real one."

"It's not real?"



"...and a donkey!"

Foiled again.


That's a Rap!

We had our Christmas presentation the other night at church...the big kids rapped.  They are awesome!

C - Christ came in the form of a babe

H - Heralds sing "Glorious they proclaim!"

R - Righteousness is a part of His name

I - Immanuel He is with us today

S - Saviour, Redeemer, Deliverer!

T - The wise men and kings came to minister

M - Mary marvelled at all that was happening

A - All because they believed - How flattering!

S - a Son is born, a Son is given!


(I'm loving the instrumental!)




Went carolling with my son's scout group last week.

It was at a nursing home.

The time came to sing.

He kind of panicked when he was handed a book of carols...he thought he "just came to sing".

He pulled me away from the group and in a very persistent whisper...

"Mom, I can't read in English!"

"Don't worry babe...no one knows all the words...I mostly make them up as I go...You'll do great!"

It seemed to soothe him and they sang on the tippy tops of their little lungs.

One lady I talked to thanked me for showing up with my kids at the end.

She said it was good to see us. 

I'm no scout leader - she said watching me "take care" (chase) my daughter while the older kids sang made her remember what it was like when her children were their age and she smiled.

She mentioned that it gets really lonely for her personally this time of year when everyone seems so busy with everything that pretty much makes their seasonal clocks tick.

I'm reminded to keep it simple and sincere this season.

How do you, have you or will you #giveback this season?



The Trouble With Santa

It's probably the age.


He said there was only one boy left in the class that said he believed.

His best friend.

I advised him not to wreck it for him.

He said he wouldn't.

He reasons a lot.

This year more than ever...the Claus has become his December muse.

He acknowledges you little to none, but constantly uses your name to keep you engaged in his conversation and his mouth often times has a bout of a challenge keeping up with the speed of his brain.

This happened the other night while we were driving:

Him:  "Mom, I don't know how people can actually believe in Santa!"

Him:  "Don't they know that we don't even have a chimney?  Mom?"

Him:  "I mean...We don't even have a chimney Mom!"

Him:  "What's he gonna do?"

Me: quick blank stare from behind the wheel

Him:  "Buzz?"

I don't argue I just listen.



Tis the Season...

I received this card last week in the mail. 

It caught me by surprise...the envelope was a royal purple, the handwriting was unfamiliar...my husband guessed that it was from "Indonesia or somewhere?" (how exotic!).

Our first Christmas card of 2012.

Its contents warmed my heart.  

It contained a handful of special words.

It was sent from my cousins in England and attached was lots of love.

It sincerely made my day.

It's not often we get a lot of good news passing through our mailbox.

Engraved by human hands and warm beating hearts.

I've never posted Christmas cards so this year will be my first.

I'm reminded to keep it simple and sincere this season.

I'm mostly thankful this Monday.



Santa Who?

I was asked the other day by a friend how we celebrate Christmas...if we did Santa, about traditions, and really just things we enjoy during the holiday season.

Last year boxing week, I went out with my "Santa Enthusiast" mother and then 2 year old daughter to a few shops to snag some buys.  The last store we visited had a handful of Santas on display.

My Mom caught a glimpse of them and proceeded to do what she always does whenever she sees anything "North Pole" related and any verbiage that follows usually starts with a huge inhale...

It typically goes like this:

"Who's that?" (in a voice way to excitable for a grown adult)

and  "What does Santa Say?" (grinning ear to ear)

Most times you'd get a HO HO HO, Merry Christmas...but not that Thursday.

My Mom: "Salome who's that?"

Salome: "Geeeth-ushh" (in English this means JESUS)

The look on my mother's face.

Absolutely Priceless!

So to answer the question...

We talk about the birth of Jesus, we visit manger scenes, we carol, go to services and spark conversation with our very young family.  

We go to Santa Claus parades, decorate trees, give gifts, feast and other fun holiday things but we make it a priority to make sure the baby at the root of all the celebrating remains bigger.

So we get it in...kids, culture, family traditions and our beliefs.  Obviously a work in progress but this is all a part of the growing up process.

How do you celebrate?

Living to embrace it,