we need more women...

Today I saw a friend in the elevator.

Not a real friend of course.

More a neighbour that I've seen grow up for the last 7 years we've lived in this building.

She smiled, greeted my daughter and smiled at the boys...then the elevator door closed.

I asked her if she was in Grade 8 yet she laughed...

Her: "No! (as if I was silly)...I'm in Grade 6!'

Me: "I don't believe it, you look like you are almost, almost grown up!"

(my big son looked at me like...Mom stop talking to my potential friends)

Me: "And how's school?"

Her: "Really good!"

Me: "You're enjoying it?"

Her: "Oh Yes!"

I looked a little deeper into her eyes...

Me: "You got any plans for what you want to be when you grow up."

She smiled and I don't know what I expected her answer to be...but she spoke it...

Her: "I'm thinking about being a doctor."

Me: "I think that's amazing!"

Me: "We need more women..."

(I paused for a second to save myself from a moment...they seem to come quite suddenly these days)

Me: "...doctors."

Me: "See you D!...this is our floor..."

I'm impressed by conversations that last for a moment but have the potential to inspire for a lifetime. #perspective

with my little woman in training...seems like I am always taking notes these days...


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