Know Your Worth

Today my 3 year old daughter left the apartment wearing a crown.

I have no problem with this- she wears it well.

I asked "Salome do you know what you look like?"

She answered me immediately "I AM a princess!"

It was cool.

She was sure.

Her quickness let me know my opinion on her appearance didn't mean a thing...and I'm very ok with this.

Don't get me wrong she loves it when I call her princess...but it's nice to know she's got it to date without my input.

She's sweet.

She's blooming.

I'm glad to be around for the journey.

#goodanswer #goodmorning #knowyourworth



Give Her Candy!

"I made two new friends yesterday!"


He continued...

"Mom they are in Grade 2!"

"WOW Buddy!- not even in your grade eh?"

"And actually only one is a new friend...and the one that I say is a not so new friend is because I actually have met her before and she told me today that she knows me but she just forgot my name!" (spoken at lightening fast speed with humongous grin)

"Oh...Ok!" (I'm learning to just listen)

"So the one that forgot my name..."

"Uh Huh?"

"Tomorrow I will bring her candy!"

I'm sure he's onto something...I'm just not quite sure what yet...but he's got my vote for office.



we need more women...

Today I saw a friend in the elevator.

Not a real friend of course.

More a neighbour that I've seen grow up for the last 7 years we've lived in this building.

She smiled, greeted my daughter and smiled at the boys...then the elevator door closed.

I asked her if she was in Grade 8 yet she laughed...

Her: "No! (as if I was silly)...I'm in Grade 6!'

Me: "I don't believe it, you look like you are almost, almost grown up!"

(my big son looked at me like...Mom stop talking to my potential friends)

Me: "And how's school?"

Her: "Really good!"

Me: "You're enjoying it?"

Her: "Oh Yes!"

I looked a little deeper into her eyes...

Me: "You got any plans for what you want to be when you grow up."

She smiled and I don't know what I expected her answer to be...but she spoke it...

Her: "I'm thinking about being a doctor."

Me: "I think that's amazing!"

Me: "We need more women..."

(I paused for a second to save myself from a moment...they seem to come quite suddenly these days)

Me: "...doctors."

Me: "See you D!...this is our floor..."

I'm impressed by conversations that last for a moment but have the potential to inspire for a lifetime. #perspective

with my little woman in training...seems like I am always taking notes these days...