A Pocket Full of Privacy?

The other day in the midst of a mostly terrible Fat Albert impersonation by my 8 year old, my daughter walks up to him and says..."excuse me do you have a spiderman ball down your shirt?" and proceeds to punch him in his stuffed stomach.

Not wanting to give up the secret to his almost instant plumpness he answers...

"No! No! No!- PLEASE EXCUSE ME!!!....Can I have some privacy?" as she tries to whip up his hockey jersey...

The girl then takes a step back reaches into an imaginary pocket and holds out a closed fist looking like it was ready to drop a pound of change into her big brothers hand...and answers..."here you go...I have some privacy....now let me see!"

He looked at me quick and then at her and laughed...."No Way!"

I left the room.

I thought to myself...she really thinks it's that simple eh?

It was one of those moments where you get brought back down to earth.

Like those times when you say really simple things to your kiddies (at least simple in the eye of your mind) and just assume that they get it...and the reality is they don't.

She really has no clue what I am talking about when I call yell through the bathroom door "I just need some privacy- leave me alone for a few minutes!!!"

Usually when I leave the bathroom she runs down a list of activities that I could have been partaking in while behind closed doors and does not stop her interrogation until I give her a pretty in depth explanation.

So defining the word privacy is on our to-do list for this week but man....they really are blank slates when we get them!

Here's to innocence, responsibility and the gift of a child's heart.

I'm mostly baffled by the depth of it all and am taking extra care these days that all the words and experiences I am in charge of inscribing on their little beings are light, encouraging, full of love, wisdom and dreaming.




Last night with the spider slayer...

The child is nocturnal!

10:55 p.m.

I told her to be quiet and get back in bed and in the dimness of the light - she gave me the "rude" look and started chanting in her "serious" voice:


I guess I do have that affect on people.

I'll try not to take it personally...I'm open for suggestions and admittedly miss the colour of the inside of my eyelids sometimes.

I also was kind of nervous about falling asleep before she did...

Decided not to take it personally.

We both passed out...COLD!

And now it is morning...

And a good Friday to you!