Don't Forget to Tell Your Daughters

I met a girl in the park.

I found out she was starting high school in the fall and she thought it was going to be fun but she was kind of nervous because it was going to be "hard".

I told her she seemed really quick and that I was sure she would do great if she just stayed caught up and focused.

She kind of rolled her eyes (not at me I'm too cool for school- remember?) the staying focused part.

I asked her what she wanted to be when she was finished growing up.

She said she didn't know.

I asked her if there was anything that she liked to do.  (I've learned this to be a clue of what we may want to do with the rest of our days)

She thought for a moment while she swung...

"I don't know what I like to do."

"No Hobbies?"


"What kind of books are you into?"

"I don't read a lot."

At this point Myles piped in "what about Robert Munsch? - He is a good author!"

The girl and I caught glances and laughed (very, very, hard).

I told her she seemed really strong.

She smiled.

We left it at that and returned to chatting about the schoolyard we were hanging out in and the neighborhood.

It's funny she reminded me a lot of myself when I was that age.

I hope she has someone at home that will realize her full potential and encourage her toward it.

Not everybody has that and it is very important.

I'm a fan of and contributor to community.

Listen here.

'The Paper Bag Princess' -One of my favourite Munsch works by far.

Kids stuff?

Not so much.