The Good, The Bad & The Monday


Hot sun+warm sand+cold beach+mild children = sheer awesomeness.

1 of 2 belong to me.
It's been a Monday for the books.

This was my happy thought that got me through.


...wasn't really so bad more like utterly inconvenient.

I woke up feeling on top of the world.

Got dressed not taking the weather into account. (T-Shirt and Jeans)

Got dressed not taking my job into account. (T-Shirt and Jeans)

Left my place not taking my transportation into account. (No tokens)

Walked a quarter of a block in absolutely blazing A.M. weather not taking my physical state into account (sweated buckets)

Bought an instant noodle cup (which for the record I utterly detest) but I reasoned I was taking my budget into account (nasty - mostly the magic chicken and veggies that appeared when I inserted the "flavour pack")


I still made it to my office feeling good.  I kind of missed the morning traffic and only my desk and desk mate were impressed by my fine threads on this fine Monday.

Was absolutely starving by about 11:45 so I prepared the noodle cup (sigh).

Dropped some on my shirt figured it would disappear- it unfortunately didn't.

Kept checking my email because I applied for an opportunity last week and was waiting diligently for an interview time later this week.

The email came and I got the interview "YES!" but it was for later on this very Monday! (Interesting)

Sucked it up went to the interview anyway. 

The rest is simply Monday and clearly to be continued...