the last couple of months...

This  tune pretty much sums it all up...

Our schedules are out of this world.  Between work play and more play and giving our everything to keep the pendulum swinging...."Sweet JESUS!"(that statement totally not in vain) between Him and my family.  We are holding it together.

I'm back to blogging.  Things have not so much thinned out but they have become a little less of a wild fire.

We are in the midst of dropping some music that is absolutely near and dear to our heart and that's what the break has been for.  As indie folk we are in charge of most of the things surrounding the tunes we put out there.  This equals late nights, our regular 9-5's, part-time gigs, shows, miscellaneous wonders and our beautiful little arrows absolutely consume us these days.

Probably not as dramatic as it is reading out but that's what we have been up to- (remember I promised an update).

I wish this post was poetic and fun- but I've had this song on repeat for the last 15 minutes and I've been pushed by an influential someone to take some time out to delight in other things that I love #writing.

So no matter how non-sensical or erratic- I'm back.

 Thanks for hanging out!

Actually a bunch of funny things have happened in the last few months and I've learned a bunch so maybe I'll back track a bit...yes I think this would be delightful...