Funny Right?

So I think it is officially happening.

I've had a lot of these moments recently.

I'm not sure what to call it.

On second thought....I know that it is happening.

He's been eight for less than a month...

Public Displays of affection have officially been cancelled until further notice.

My getting in with conversations with his buddies- can barely even consider it now.

(The next statement will probably be more for me than you but here we go anyway.)

Don't get me wrong he loves to hang out and kick it with his Mommy but in a nutshell as of late he has this certain heir about him that blatantly says :

"Mom you're cool and all...but I got this!"

Independence? (It was bound to happen!)
Confidence? (every parents desire)
Me losing my "cool"? (damn near impossible but I'm sure a pig just flew by my window)

In many ways I do not believe that either of us are old enough for this.

He communicates it often though...HE IS MAN AND ABLE! (or at least the blooming of)

Walking down the hallway in our apartment building a couple days ago after school:

Me: How was school buddy?

Him: Good!

Me:  But how was it?

Him: Good!

Me: What'd you do?

Him: Nothing!

Me: But it was good?

Him: Yes!

(He thought for a split second and I think he hinted in on my digging)

Him: We had art class today.

Me: Awesome- what did you do?

Him: Art!

Me: Oh Ya?

Him: Ya! (the word finished with a bit of a rise and I felt like I was on to something he was about to bless me with his experience)

Him: We learned about an artist named Jackson Pollock today.

Me: Cool! What was his name again?

Him: JACKSON POLLOCK (not yelling but firm).  He's an artist but an artist you don't know.  He's not that kind of artist Mom.

(This statement almost offended the underground hip-hop enthusiast that dwells within me)

Him: He's an artist that paints. There are different kinds of artists. (Thanks for the info kid!)

Him: He paints with colours that reflect his emotions and people like his art a lot.  The art I created today I called it "Splat! Splat!" but my teacher thought I called it "Splash! Splash! (insert 8 year old giggle here ______.)

Me: (feeling educated by now) That sounds great!  Maybe we can google him later and you can show me some of his stuff-that would be cool!)

Him: Maybe-I have homework! (OUCH!)

He's just maturing and growing and changing but all of my kids are and hopefully I am too with their guidance, assistance and love.

It just gets real when your kid accuses you of snorting when you laugh in passing conversation with the exhausted pregnant lady who hands you you're smoothie when you're exiting the drive through.  (For the record I have nothing against people who snort when they laugh- I just have never been a snorter although I have snorted on occasion but never recall doing so in what I call public.)

Or when you tell him at least 6 times leading up to his birthday that you are going to swing by with some treats for his class to celebrate his birthday show up with a bag clearly full of popsicles on the day of his birth 1.5 hours after dropping him off at school, bag in hand...spotted by classmates and teacher and greeted with big smile and invited into the class by the teacher only to have him turn around identify me from his position in the classroom (the next reaction was probably because his little sister was there...right?) almost mortified without the decency to even mouth the words says "What are you doing here?" causing me to freeze in the doorway and shooting a look at the teacher and holding back an inner chuckle and fighting the feeling of running into the class grabbing him and planting a big wet one on his forehead.

Kid didn't even have the decency to call me Mom!


I hope you know this post is all in good fun and coming to an end like now...I tell you the truth the boy is awesome.  He's becoming and this makes me glad.  He is really respectful and intelligent and I couldn't have chosen a better 8 year old to be mine but to say the least we've had our share of moments this month but I'm soooooo looking forward to the next chapter.


BALL HOCKEYING (He loves playing in net!)

My Prayer:

Dear Jesus

Give me the grace and the ability to glide like you do through life situations and relationships of all kinds.  I can appreciate that we only get out of relationships as much as we put in so help me to do this always- GIVE!

And one other thing that is quite important at least to me in this moment of time...I ask that you would allow me to be COOL or at least be able to maintain the appearance of....

Your status seeking daughter for parenting purposes only



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