Out With A Bang

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks-

We got to check out the SOWETO Gospel Choir at the Sony Centre - we got some crazy orchestra pit tickets for Christmas...It was amazing- The sound and performance was stellar...a good way to wrap up Black History Month the boys really enjoyed themselves.


Aidan's favourite song was Shosholoza it was cool because when they introduced it he gave himself a smack in the forehead like "this is cool and I actually know some of the songs that they are singing" and immediately engaged.  Myles is usually consumed by most things loud and musical and by the end of the show was dancing in the aisles (yes plural).

Saying Thanks After The Show
Afterward we hung out at The Old Spaghetti Factory for a VERY after hours late night pasta run = #goodtimes.

Here's to "deer in the headlight not so smartphone shots" and monstrous spicy meatballs!

We attended The African Heritage Assembly at the kids' school once again blew my mind.  Honestly this is quickly becoming one of the highlights of my year.

There are usually tears, many laughs, countless giggles and just really good feelings coming out of the presentation the staff and students at the school put on.  This year- so goooooooood!

My tears usually start when I walk in the gym and the place is absolutely decked out.  Beautiful Art everywhere- this year was nothing different to say the least.  I'll stop talking- check out a few pics:

There was poetry, traditional dances, segments of speeches, comedic routines, movies made in class that were projected on the "big screen" teaching us about fables of old, readings...I honestly could go on...but I will stop right after the Michael Jackson tribute....Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!

A boy, a love interest, multiple zombies some tombstones---"THRILLER!!!!" and I mean Thriller!...I honestly didn't see it coming (made me feel quite old actually) the kids rocked it----HARD!

Micheal Jackson TRIBUTE- so out of this planet.

and of course my biggest little man...Xylophones Rock!

And to close a song that I was hearing all February long that just won't leave my brain...#lovethis
February was pretty rad!




Dear Thursday

I know it's been a while since we have talked or seen eye to eye about anything.  This fact has drawn from me more than my attention and we need to set some things straight.

It's been going on for weeks now and I've been trying to work through my conflict- I've reached the point in my struggle for resolve where I cannot go on any further without letting you know how my heart feels.

You show up like you're some other day every week- and every week I believe you.

I hear them say your name...I reason to myself "Not my Jeudi"...I listen closer and they confirm it's you.

Your masquerade is becoming redundant .  A Friday on first glance but upon looking in-you lack luster more times than not.  Your embrace fleets and you become no more to me than the sharp pain of a cold Tuesday morning after a spectacular long weekend.

In all my saying-I will say I claim my blame in all of this.  It's not fair of me to criticize you for being something that you are not.  We both know we would be fools to believe that the thrill of a Saturday could be forever- But in my pondering I believe that you have the potential to be so much more than that. 

Everything within me longs to love you for you...Thursday.

Without the misunderstandings, hype and unreal expectations.

Let's work on being real with each other again.  I long to highlight, circle and star you on the calender of my heart .

Let's find out what our relationship could really be.

Bound to you until forever,