My Desire For My Daughter

She brings definition to the term "Vision of Loveliness"

She kisses my face and she tells me she loves me

She's the princess of the castle and at times we butt heads for the role of queen- my love doesn't change

They tell me she reminds them of me when I toddled and I am thankful for the compliment

She has my heart and in those moments when I catch a glimpse of the inside of hers I am intrigued by the wonderful mix of lioness and lamb contained in her tiny being

She is my privilege

My hope is she would always be Salome Noa- "nothing missing, lacking or broken, always moving and continually evolving"

The girl who will agree that her hair looks pretty and then conclude "But Mommy OWWWW!" and rip the hair ties from her crown

That she would see perfection every time that she looks through big brown, slightly slanted eyes and want to be no one but herself

That she would never desire a skin tone deeper or even a half shade lighter-but that she would know rest

That they would never call her names based on her ethnicity, body shape, their ignorance or the fuel that drives their lust

Just Salome, Queen or Beautiful

That she would know herself, never compromise and be a catalyst for the change her heart desires

That she would play and be the gift of song she is and is becoming more of everyday...effortlessly.


Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Black History/African Heritage Month-this time of year excites me!


  1. Powerful Post.
    Once again I am moved to thought and self reflection.
    Happy BHM!
    can't wait to see what the Growing Up Toronto Kids are up too!

    1. thanks Jacqui-I appreciate the encouragement...:)

  2. In no time Salome will be reading this with pride and excitement. This is good stuff... When I'm blessed with a daughter I'll be reading this to her!

    1. Sooner than later they grow up so fast! Probably too fast!- thanks for the kind words...I look forward to meeting her when she comes Truue-maybe you'll let me babysit for you...:)

  3. Made me cry. I love my boys more than anything but I always thing I would have a slightly different relationship with a girl, were I to ever have one.

  4. This is beautiful Christi and so are you and Salome xo