I saw this feature on a few blogs that I dig and I honestly had to get in on it:

MID-Week Confessions Much?

#1- I never run for the bus and although at times I have been known to walk quite briskly I only do so when I make firm eye contact with the driver and I can pull off an authentic limp...bad right?

I have never been left by a driver with this technique but am saying it out loud as to hopefully force myself out of performing this downright trickery again.

I will admit that this act in a way always feels a little liberating to me at times (smh). I feel like I am taking one for the team of people I have seen left in not so mad rushes when it would have been ok at least in my simple opinion to just hold the doors open a few seconds longer.

Me = "Robin of the Hood" Scarborough Edition?

(Please don't get me wrong in this I am a #ttc enthusiast I have two Uncles on the force)

#2- This Tuesday in almost a panic to not miss my bus I noticed that I was out of time and couldn't throw together a half decent lunch so I grabbed an entire box of cereal and jammed it into my bag (backpack)- with a spoon and a very plastic bowl as an instant meal plan.

Makes sense right?-I'd eat cereal all day-I've done it before and I'm sure my metabolism could use the break even if only for a day.

I got to work and kind of settled in and reached for my cereal. "I have no milk!" but in that same moment of time (here's #3) I felt absolutely no shame in using the 2% creamers that are usually stacked in abundance in our staff kitchen at the office that almost immediately came to mind (kinda makes you think I have done this before eh?).

For the record here comes confession #3b) I have done this once before but in my defence in case anyone from my job reads this- I use the same amount of milk in my cereal as I have seen individuals use in a coffee 6...yes 6...

His confession:
Buddy of mine walked by and saw the cereal on my desk and I told him that he was welcome to it if he was hungry he almost passed and started with (we can call this one #3 c) for me or #4) for the post) "I have no milk" and I was like "Honestly...fridge...creamers...same difference..."

I wondered if I had downgraded my "ratings" with him and he started to laugh and was like "I won't lie I have done it before too!".

#4- I was almost upset when I went to the fridge and there were no 2% creamers left but I figured it safe to assume where they all were and I have since settled in my heart that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I can't hate on anybody for getting theirs on.

#5- My throat and eyeballs have been on fire for almost the entire week and I have straight up lied to everyone I have answered "I'm fine" too when asked "How are you doing?"

#6- Hoodies make me quite happy and although I have only watched the show a few times, if I ever became one of the hoarding people and I had a choice of the item I lived to capture, the things would be hoodies and it would be autumn all year long (fantasy hoarding much?)

#7- This New Year has caused me to think of my risk taking friends and family so far quite often- specifically who have moved across their countries or are in the process of doing so in pursuit of their dreams in the last couple of months.

@botanystudio, @sammypanama, @DENEKAdesignCo and Abbie- You inspire me and cause me and probably everyone around you to reach higher...you emanate greatness and in the back of my mind I hope that God translates my thoughts and excitement that are contained in my heart toward you to prayers and empowerment on your behalf because in the midst of all this confessing I have concluded that I definitely do not pray enough.

I feel better now #confession is definitely good for the soul!


p.s. I borrowed the awesome shot of the creamers from talkinghead.ca


  1. I used to take the creamers from work all the time when I first moved to Toronto and could barely make my rent, let alone afford luxuries like cream for my coffee! (ugh)

  2. Creamers are turning out to be one of the keys to life- I've got so many creaming confessions this week!