(A little late I know but I also know that you are a forgiving friend)

I honestly started four different posts for the New Year but none of them really felt right.

I was going to write about some of the New Years Resolutions I made.

Like my commitment to a gym and my first day there this week and the way they broke my mind, body, and soul- but I will probably do this a little farther down the road right now it still hurts too bad and has not become quite humorous yet.

I am nursing my first throat infection of the year and hoping to see no more for the remaining and as a result I am totally drained by the head aches, ear aches, chills and fever that accompany it. (I'm actually lying in bed at this moment so I decided to write)

I was so excited for the New Year and don't get me wrong I still am it's just the feet wetting ceremony for this year has been...YUCK!

One resolution I can share sanely right now is my commitment to Growing Up Toronto. I have desired that it be one of those amazing, consistent blogs that I faithfully follow like Sleeping is for Losers but right now with my family and the hats we wear- It's tough!

I want to blog so bad-(like really bad) but I am becoming accepting of the fact that it may not be like some of the other blogs out there (that I respect immensely) and I am learning to become OK with that.

So as I grow I look forward to a year of discovery, reinvention or maybe better put...finding my place in the Blogmosphere.

I've been so encouraged by people that dig the blog and are faithful to share and tell a friend about it so this actually brings me to another one of my resolutions.

I committed to being more thankful this year and really appreciating the people that are around me, that support and encourage me and be that same person to them.

I just wanted to say thanks for Growing with Us...I'm in it for the long-run!

Last thing, for the record and to once again maintain some of the random themes that run through this blog...my son Myles has a mean Dougie and I swore against Zumba when I registered for the gym but if I hear this track I may need to get in on that...(for the children of course!)



  1. Love it beyonce dancing with the kids

  2. You'll get into the swing of blogging - I can't wait to read your adventures in 2012

  3. Thanks Sarah I appreciate you reading and appreciate you!

  4. Because I know Beyonce was my B day gift...Thanks ...
    Keep stories coming. They really put a smile on my face most days!

  5. @jacquiwalks you are correct darling...only you ;)