Sometimes I fly off the handle...not crazy off the handle but it definitely hits the fan...I usually internalize my stuff but sometimes I will give warning to my company before it gets too hot.

Myles is almost my exact match but a little more dramatic (in my opinion don't ask my husband for his though). Let's talk about our ability to go from a 2 to a 10 on the "losing my cool as a cucumber status" scale if you get us at the right moment.

Explosions happen sometimes.

I'm ok with this for the most part-everyone should have a right to express their feelings right?

We have a few things that we remind him of before and in the midst of his explosions and the techniques that I try to incorporate into my everyday living also (shameless):

1. It's ok to get mad just remember to respect other people- aka don't hurt anyone and this includes yourself...we never tell them not to cry but often ask the question if the issue at hand is really worth all the tears (once the moment has almost past of course).

2. Control- "Please control yourself brother!" I have observed in my life and the lives of others that I've grown with that an angry man with no composure is a war waiting to happen while an angry man with composure is a passionate man on the brink of great things. (I wonder if I practiced more if Mrs. Wing would consider me as one of her writers? #random)

3. Breathe I would have to say I learned this from Poko breathing is our version of the "Hug a monkey hug him tight, hug him til you feel alright!" This might be wrong on our side as I am not the best at reading on parenting techniques for rearing children but will not hesitate to admit I have learned a thing or two (or three) from some good children's animation (thanks @kidscbc). My kids are encouraged not to tell us their take on things until they catch their breath or can take at least three huge breathes without choking on their saliva, snot and or tears.

I've been reading my past posts and they seem pretty "outside looking in-ish" when it comes to my family, the behaviour of my kids and my relationships- but honestly we're just doing us and I try to write from a place of appreciation and gain some perspective from all of our lives together. More specifically- what you read is the whole truth but not our entire experience. Parts of random weeks which consist of random days that are composed of random moments ;).

I try to get these times down in front of me as a point of reference or better a memory in script that I can look back on and really build on for the future.

So earlier this week I was in the living room at our place with 2/3 children and I promise I must have cleaned up the same toys in the span of 15 minutes about 7 times.

Me: "Honestly, brother!...I'm about to get really grumpy...like really grumpy...I keep picking up this stuff because I can't walk anywhere and I'm going to hurt myself. I know you and Salome are ok with this- but man!- I'm gonna get mad or get hurt can we please just keep the stuff in the box if we are not going to play with it?- like you do in school?...I'm about to lose it Myles..." (exasperated)

Myles: "It's ok if you get mad Mom, I can understand that. Just remember to always be yourself!" (kisses me on face)

Sweetheart right?- you're exactly correct and his empathy sleighed my dragon yesterday- I'm not sure if it was a bad attitude I picked up on the way home from work or me just being over tired or something?...anything?

What I really wanted was for them to pick up the stuff but I got a dose of my own medicine and once again I have been successfully rebuked by my kids and put in my "proverbial" place.

(the end of the illustration is I shut up and stubbed my toe twice before banishing them to the boys' room)

I'm learning (often the hard way) that it is so super duper important to chill sometimes and am continually being encouraged all the more to fill my kids and just my life and the things that i commit my heart to with good things. At the end of the day when the squeeze is put on us the only thing that is going to come out is what we have stored up inside.



Peanut Butter Brilliant

He's an intellect- an avid chatterbox and his listening skills appear on a somewhat voluntary basis but some how he never seems to miss a beat.

He finds great delight in using big words that he is convinced he understands the meaning of and as many words as possible in a breathe. As of late he's taken a liking to the words "awkward", "explaining" and the term "actually" both in and out of context.

Me: "What do you want for lunch Myles, peanut butter and jam?"

Myles: "Actually I would like to have just peanut butter on two halves and then two halves with just jam only!"

Me: "OK, so I think you wont eat 4 halves so I will give you two halves with what you asked for."

voice from kitchen "We're out of bread!"

Me: "OK, there is no bread Myles."

Myles: "OK then that's easy I will just have jam and cream cheese on my sandwich!"

Me: "What?"

One of his favourite cartoons to catch on the fly is anything Charlie Brown "because they are just so serious Mom!".

We chatted with one of his teachers at an interview and we asked how he was doing and she said sometimes she felt like he didn't belong there, she sees the kids busy working away in class and thinks to herself this kid belongs on a street corner somewhere playing a saxophone...and this is just naturally Myles. (Mom he is doing well, don't worry!)

He's a beautiful thing- when I consider his attitude and uniqueness.

He tells me he will be an inventor, a singer or something like a painter or an author when he grows up. He actually referred to the roles he has interests in as "Community Helpers" and when he did at age 4 although they probably learned the term in school...he turned something on, on the inside of me.

He's a lover of fashion and swears off of the colour pink but tells me he will wear it anyway because "it looks good on me!" (smh).

He wears ties all of the time- at home even with t-shirts because he knows what he likes.

He makes my day, like everyday.

I'm learning to savour the flavour of my little giftlings and just really cultivate an attitude of thankfulness for and towards them.

I'm not sure where he gets it from...(hopefully me) but I highly doubt it- I'm still chasing that kind of cool...


And a note of thanks for the works, life and sacrifice of the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was celebrated globally this week- You inspire me!

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

How will you live this quote for you and inspire it in the little ones in your circles?



I saw this feature on a few blogs that I dig and I honestly had to get in on it:

MID-Week Confessions Much?

#1- I never run for the bus and although at times I have been known to walk quite briskly I only do so when I make firm eye contact with the driver and I can pull off an authentic limp...bad right?

I have never been left by a driver with this technique but am saying it out loud as to hopefully force myself out of performing this downright trickery again.

I will admit that this act in a way always feels a little liberating to me at times (smh). I feel like I am taking one for the team of people I have seen left in not so mad rushes when it would have been ok at least in my simple opinion to just hold the doors open a few seconds longer.

Me = "Robin of the Hood" Scarborough Edition?

(Please don't get me wrong in this I am a #ttc enthusiast I have two Uncles on the force)

#2- This Tuesday in almost a panic to not miss my bus I noticed that I was out of time and couldn't throw together a half decent lunch so I grabbed an entire box of cereal and jammed it into my bag (backpack)- with a spoon and a very plastic bowl as an instant meal plan.

Makes sense right?-I'd eat cereal all day-I've done it before and I'm sure my metabolism could use the break even if only for a day.

I got to work and kind of settled in and reached for my cereal. "I have no milk!" but in that same moment of time (here's #3) I felt absolutely no shame in using the 2% creamers that are usually stacked in abundance in our staff kitchen at the office that almost immediately came to mind (kinda makes you think I have done this before eh?).

For the record here comes confession #3b) I have done this once before but in my defence in case anyone from my job reads this- I use the same amount of milk in my cereal as I have seen individuals use in a coffee 6...yes 6...

His confession:
Buddy of mine walked by and saw the cereal on my desk and I told him that he was welcome to it if he was hungry he almost passed and started with (we can call this one #3 c) for me or #4) for the post) "I have no milk" and I was like "Honestly...fridge...creamers...same difference..."

I wondered if I had downgraded my "ratings" with him and he started to laugh and was like "I won't lie I have done it before too!".

#4- I was almost upset when I went to the fridge and there were no 2% creamers left but I figured it safe to assume where they all were and I have since settled in my heart that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I can't hate on anybody for getting theirs on.

#5- My throat and eyeballs have been on fire for almost the entire week and I have straight up lied to everyone I have answered "I'm fine" too when asked "How are you doing?"

#6- Hoodies make me quite happy and although I have only watched the show a few times, if I ever became one of the hoarding people and I had a choice of the item I lived to capture, the things would be hoodies and it would be autumn all year long (fantasy hoarding much?)

#7- This New Year has caused me to think of my risk taking friends and family so far quite often- specifically who have moved across their countries or are in the process of doing so in pursuit of their dreams in the last couple of months.

@botanystudio, @sammypanama, @DENEKAdesignCo and Abbie- You inspire me and cause me and probably everyone around you to reach higher...you emanate greatness and in the back of my mind I hope that God translates my thoughts and excitement that are contained in my heart toward you to prayers and empowerment on your behalf because in the midst of all this confessing I have concluded that I definitely do not pray enough.

I feel better now #confession is definitely good for the soul!


p.s. I borrowed the awesome shot of the creamers from talkinghead.ca



(A little late I know but I also know that you are a forgiving friend)

I honestly started four different posts for the New Year but none of them really felt right.

I was going to write about some of the New Years Resolutions I made.

Like my commitment to a gym and my first day there this week and the way they broke my mind, body, and soul- but I will probably do this a little farther down the road right now it still hurts too bad and has not become quite humorous yet.

I am nursing my first throat infection of the year and hoping to see no more for the remaining and as a result I am totally drained by the head aches, ear aches, chills and fever that accompany it. (I'm actually lying in bed at this moment so I decided to write)

I was so excited for the New Year and don't get me wrong I still am it's just the feet wetting ceremony for this year has been...YUCK!

One resolution I can share sanely right now is my commitment to Growing Up Toronto. I have desired that it be one of those amazing, consistent blogs that I faithfully follow like Sleeping is for Losers but right now with my family and the hats we wear- It's tough!

I want to blog so bad-(like really bad) but I am becoming accepting of the fact that it may not be like some of the other blogs out there (that I respect immensely) and I am learning to become OK with that.

So as I grow I look forward to a year of discovery, reinvention or maybe better put...finding my place in the Blogmosphere.

I've been so encouraged by people that dig the blog and are faithful to share and tell a friend about it so this actually brings me to another one of my resolutions.

I committed to being more thankful this year and really appreciating the people that are around me, that support and encourage me and be that same person to them.

I just wanted to say thanks for Growing with Us...I'm in it for the long-run!

Last thing, for the record and to once again maintain some of the random themes that run through this blog...my son Myles has a mean Dougie and I swore against Zumba when I registered for the gym but if I hear this track I may need to get in on that...(for the children of course!)