Silent Night?

It's almost the holidays and this morning before school (day off for me YES!) we were writing a couple of cards for teachers and I was like:

"Shoot Myles! I forgot the card for your bus driver!"
(For the record-I actually had the card but I forgot to pick a little something up for her)

So I told Myles I would meet him at the bus stop after school and he could give her the surprise then.

Then I asked him what she likes or what he thought I should grab.

Me: "Giftcard?"

Myles: "No, she actually likes silence".

I wanted to laugh out loud but instead I inquired further.

Me: "Well I can't get her silence Myles so you have to try to think of something to give that she may enjoy- or I can just decide!"

Myles: "OK Mom lets get her those things that go over her ears."

Me: "To keep her warm like ear muffs?"

Myles: "No not to go on her ears to go in her ears- What are they called Aidan?"

Aidan: "Earplugs!'

Insert my amused glance here _______.

Aidan: "She actually really does like quiet and silence the most Mom, we shoud get it for her." (She was also Aidan's bus driver in the past so this was indeed a legitimate #cosign)

These kids were straight serious so I hesitantly stopped asking questions-it was time to leave for school.

I really should have asked them where to get it or what it looked like but I'm sure it would be all sold out by now it is December 23..

I'm thankful for hilarious and oh so thoughtful children in this season-I'm sure they will be great men of sincerity and gift giving one day and this is important.


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