Myles on: "Jesus"

A few weeks before Christmas, my son came to me in confidence at bedtime:

Myles: "Mom I just want you to know that I am a Christian but I don't think I can believe in Jesus anymore."

Me: "That's ok buddy you want to talk about it- you have questions?"

Myles: "I just can't believe in Him because I don't really think He can fly as fast as people say He can."

(I never once in my existence remember discussing with my son Jesus' flying abilities or speeds that He is capable of obtaining.)

Me: "Well Myles- about Jesus and flying...I'm not really sure He flies like you've heard He does either-I'm sure He could if He wanted too but I'm not sure that He is always zooming around everywhere."

Myles: "Like I know, it's just too fast!"

Me: "I think He may fly and stuff but I'm not sure how?"

Myles: "I mean Spiderman and those other superheroes I believe in them because I know they just kind of glide-but Jesus?"

Me: "Buddy, I honestly think that Jesus kinda glides too!"

Myles: "Mom, I'm ok with that, it makes more sense and I can believe in Jesus now!"


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  1. Oh how sweet! If we all could see through the eyes of a child! I am a new follower from MBC.