I'll kick my own butt thanks!

I have this kid- and he is a heck of a kid- I actually have 3 but we are talking about the big one right now.

He tells me he will play professional sports when he grows up.

He tells me he will never have a wife.

He tells me he will live with me and Daddy forever.

He tells me he will have children but they will be adopted and the first one will be a boy about 5 years old.

He speaks most times when he is almost certain of what he is saying and communicates mostly in facts.

When he asks questions they flow like the milk your mother told you to never cry over and when they start they cannot be dammed- and all with purpose and only asked to people that he decides he can trust.

He amazes me.

He has played soccer for 4 years now and this is our first winter totally out of it. Just because life changes and schedules and circumstances have not always been the same we have had to find other things to do- but he still believes and has his drive.

The past few months his eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of Hockey and Folk Dancing.

He recently told me that it was ok that he wasn't in soccer because if his soccer career didn't work out he was going to play hockey because it was just as good a match- I told him he was awesome and he asked if we could sign up right away-

We thought it would be a good decision to learn to skate first.
(This is definitely a work in progress)

Life and schedules tried to kick my son's tail and he didn't cry or mope. He found something that would work better from his point of view- I wish I could bottle his resiliency and keep it for myself and maybe on a kind day put some up for sale.

Courage? Innocence? Passion? or just a thing of childlike faith?

This thing that disregards situations and circumstances- zones in on the possibilities and windows of opportunity, decides on the positive and just goes for it.

I let him know he may not be the "first best" or "second best" or even the "last best" on his team if he starts house league next year- he said it was alright he would catch up and just practice more.

I'm gonna try to be more like him- honestly I have a kid that lets no one but himself "whoop him" and this makes perfectly perfect sense to me and I am grateful.

signed an aspiring copy cat learning to consider forever as higher than the moment,

those are my two other lazy boned kids-lol...they just wanted to wear the skates and chat!

(I said folk dancing right?- he doesn't talk about it much but I know he digs it!)


  1. I enjoyed reading this! Some of Aidan's points are very similar to my son.

  2. What a good read. Having the Attitude to kick ones own butt is a good one for people who succeed. Your boy inspires me too.

  3. I appreciate the comments! He's a good boy- blessed to have him around thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  4. Hope I get to meet this wee man sometime xx

  5. + attracts +

    Good read. I can hear you in my bones