CAUTION-it's pretty random!

I'm writing this at the end of my weekend hoping in my heart that Sunday would stay a little longer-I just need some more weekend in my life. (So beat this morning we and the children even skipped Sunday School aka Kids Church-had to get that off my chest ;) )

I once listened to the song at the end of this post on repeat over 15 times in my car (not idling though)- rookie? I know I should have went hard and made a day of it.....this sums up the life and times of......ME these days.

If I said I felt like a chicken with my head cut off I would be lying-it's more than that but i"m not sure how to put it.....TO DO LISTS, questions, work, other wheels we are trying to get turning...

Is she complaining????? I would like to take a moment to assure you that I wouldn't have it any other way with the exception of a couple days off every few weeks ;).

All that to say this-Life is what you make it-and I'm still stuck on my decision do just that- MAKE IT!

I've learned again this summer that the things that are important in life are the ones we hold dearest, the desires of our heart and getting your call.

Getting your call means (at least to me) going for that thing in your heart you continually dream of, desiring the pleasurable, committing to the seemingly impossible and taking it.

This post is short and possibly not the sweetest and may sound like something I probably expressed before but- "we're still doing it."

I'm embracing the balance of this summer and looking forward to my favourite season that is right around the corner-A season of beauty, change and thankfully less heat.

I will hopefully have some real cool stuff to share this Fall as we continue www.GROWINGUPTORONTO.com