Every Button Has a Door

Every button has a door
Which opens wide to let him in;
But when he rolls upon the floor,
Because he's tired of where he's been
And we can't find him anymore,
We use a pin

by Dorothy Aldis

I got a challenge the other day and it was to write a poem using the first line of the above written by Dorothy Aldis...

The given poem to me is lovely, heartwarming, and very creative-I never much imagined a button as a tired little man that was finished with being continually pulled and worked.

Giving lifeless things personality and breath always seem to intrigue me.

I took my shot at it today but I have probably butchered it....I will most likely try again tomorrow glad I have until May :)

Every button has a door.
Every ceiling has a floor.
Almost every chicken
lays great eggs

Anything less,
Would be less;
I guess.

A shiny button without a door?
Just a pretty trinket
Fit for a drawer

And a ceiling,
A ceiling without a floor?
Would be a misplaced wall-
that's it
no more.

And to the chicken
that lacks a great egg-
We'd probably all call her
Sunday Dinner instead.


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