Every Button Has a Door

Every button has a door
Which opens wide to let him in;
But when he rolls upon the floor,
Because he's tired of where he's been
And we can't find him anymore,
We use a pin

by Dorothy Aldis

I got a challenge the other day and it was to write a poem using the first line of the above written by Dorothy Aldis...

The given poem to me is lovely, heartwarming, and very creative-I never much imagined a button as a tired little man that was finished with being continually pulled and worked.

Giving lifeless things personality and breath always seem to intrigue me.

I took my shot at it today but I have probably butchered it....I will most likely try again tomorrow glad I have until May :)

Every button has a door.
Every ceiling has a floor.
Almost every chicken
lays great eggs

Anything less,
Would be less;
I guess.

A shiny button without a door?
Just a pretty trinket
Fit for a drawer

And a ceiling,
A ceiling without a floor?
Would be a misplaced wall-
that's it
no more.

And to the chicken
that lacks a great egg-
We'd probably all call her
Sunday Dinner instead.



This is the illustration that we won last year from the Munsch At Home contest for our story "Myles the Rockstar".

I had it in an unzippable zip file who's code I gave up on cracking but just found it online today at www.thestar.com .

Better late then never?

by Myles, Aidan and Christine Jordan

My family sings songs
We sing songs all day long.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock
That’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

Dad makes funky beats and raps his songs.
I love to groove to his music
And break-a-break-a-breakdance on the ground.

Mom flows slow songs – not everyone hears
Her words are like quiet whisssssssperrrrs
And feel good in my ears.

Aidan sings “en francais” folk songs he learned in school.
He chants, “Bonjour les amis” - I think it’s really cool.
He claps out the time and hums the melodies;
And he teaches French songs to me.

My baby sister Salome she rolls around and sings,
With the catchy shaky shaky tune her wrist rattle brings.
She “gooooooos” and she “gaahhhhs”
She’s my little jazz queen.

I’m Myles the rockstar, my songs mostly loud.
I beat on my drums – my voice makes me proud.
I don’t know all the words – that’s why I make up my own
I scream “BooLaLaSenahSenah” in my orange microphone.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock that’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

My family sings songs
We Sings songs all day long.