Yesterday I bought a CD. A compilation of classics that are near and soooo dear to my heart.

First play it seemingly soothed my sanity chasing children...(they are actually really good little muppets but that's just how it feels sometimes..."woe is Me right?")

I think these (my little humans) are the reasons I am not as serious and grown up as I should be at times...but amazingly in the same instance the people who awaken change and perseverance in me and cause me to continually evolve.


Anyway-Myles picked an immediate favourite from the over 17 songs on deck...he tells me it is a special song though, it's not a tune that you can just play at anytime..."it's nice and I wouldn't like to live on the moon...I would miss you Mom and it kind of makes me tired!"

I find it unstrange that I am listening to this song right now actually on repeat trying to hear what they hear.

At the risk of sounding crazier then this whole random post is becoming...it's a pretty deep pick!

Thought I would also include MY all-time favourite moon song which myself and the Jordan Boys have affectionatley remixed...

After the review of my last two musical submissions I would just like to say that I am confident that if Myles goes to the moon anytime soon I may very well be his first round draft pick (sorry Derek) and am quite thankful that he sides with Ernie at this time in his life and I still have a few more minutes until he decides to jump on Frank's team (insert extremely deep breathe here ________!)

Can I get an Amen?