Myles on: "Jesus"

A few weeks before Christmas, my son came to me in confidence at bedtime:

Myles: "Mom I just want you to know that I am a Christian but I don't think I can believe in Jesus anymore."

Me: "That's ok buddy you want to talk about it- you have questions?"

Myles: "I just can't believe in Him because I don't really think He can fly as fast as people say He can."

(I never once in my existence remember discussing with my son Jesus' flying abilities or speeds that He is capable of obtaining.)

Me: "Well Myles- about Jesus and flying...I'm not really sure He flies like you've heard He does either-I'm sure He could if He wanted too but I'm not sure that He is always zooming around everywhere."

Myles: "Like I know, it's just too fast!"

Me: "I think He may fly and stuff but I'm not sure how?"

Myles: "I mean Spiderman and those other superheroes I believe in them because I know they just kind of glide-but Jesus?"

Me: "Buddy, I honestly think that Jesus kinda glides too!"

Myles: "Mom, I'm ok with that, it makes more sense and I can believe in Jesus now!"




Wishing you a Happy Holiday from our Family to Yours- Hope it's AMAZING!

Discovered this on a lady named Carleen's blog earlier this week- thought I'd share- I do believe it is a keeper!




Silent Night?

It's almost the holidays and this morning before school (day off for me YES!) we were writing a couple of cards for teachers and I was like:

"Shoot Myles! I forgot the card for your bus driver!"
(For the record-I actually had the card but I forgot to pick a little something up for her)

So I told Myles I would meet him at the bus stop after school and he could give her the surprise then.

Then I asked him what she likes or what he thought I should grab.

Me: "Giftcard?"

Myles: "No, she actually likes silence".

I wanted to laugh out loud but instead I inquired further.

Me: "Well I can't get her silence Myles so you have to try to think of something to give that she may enjoy- or I can just decide!"

Myles: "OK Mom lets get her those things that go over her ears."

Me: "To keep her warm like ear muffs?"

Myles: "No not to go on her ears to go in her ears- What are they called Aidan?"

Aidan: "Earplugs!'

Insert my amused glance here _______.

Aidan: "She actually really does like quiet and silence the most Mom, we shoud get it for her." (She was also Aidan's bus driver in the past so this was indeed a legitimate #cosign)

These kids were straight serious so I hesitantly stopped asking questions-it was time to leave for school.

I really should have asked them where to get it or what it looked like but I'm sure it would be all sold out by now it is December 23..

I'm thankful for hilarious and oh so thoughtful children in this season-I'm sure they will be great men of sincerity and gift giving one day and this is important.



Easy Christmas (a poem)

take a moment to forgive
and skip long lines

pass on short tempers
and our daily grinds

take time to remember
frigid winters
-late December

wonder at the majesty
and peace there is to see

-yes feast
and give like you've never given

-yes sing
the song your soul has written

-yes love
like no other
without measure

-yes indulge
in His being
and His pleasure

believe in the smiles
of all the children in the world
red and yellow
black and white
the boys and the girls

hope for their peace
sincerity less the peril

manifest a silent night
pen for them a new carol

bless and empower them to love
and love deeply

-yes free them
to breathe
and breathe easy



I'll kick my own butt thanks!

I have this kid- and he is a heck of a kid- I actually have 3 but we are talking about the big one right now.

He tells me he will play professional sports when he grows up.

He tells me he will never have a wife.

He tells me he will live with me and Daddy forever.

He tells me he will have children but they will be adopted and the first one will be a boy about 5 years old.

He speaks most times when he is almost certain of what he is saying and communicates mostly in facts.

When he asks questions they flow like the milk your mother told you to never cry over and when they start they cannot be dammed- and all with purpose and only asked to people that he decides he can trust.

He amazes me.

He has played soccer for 4 years now and this is our first winter totally out of it. Just because life changes and schedules and circumstances have not always been the same we have had to find other things to do- but he still believes and has his drive.

The past few months his eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of Hockey and Folk Dancing.

He recently told me that it was ok that he wasn't in soccer because if his soccer career didn't work out he was going to play hockey because it was just as good a match- I told him he was awesome and he asked if we could sign up right away-

We thought it would be a good decision to learn to skate first.
(This is definitely a work in progress)

Life and schedules tried to kick my son's tail and he didn't cry or mope. He found something that would work better from his point of view- I wish I could bottle his resiliency and keep it for myself and maybe on a kind day put some up for sale.

Courage? Innocence? Passion? or just a thing of childlike faith?

This thing that disregards situations and circumstances- zones in on the possibilities and windows of opportunity, decides on the positive and just goes for it.

I let him know he may not be the "first best" or "second best" or even the "last best" on his team if he starts house league next year- he said it was alright he would catch up and just practice more.

I'm gonna try to be more like him- honestly I have a kid that lets no one but himself "whoop him" and this makes perfectly perfect sense to me and I am grateful.

signed an aspiring copy cat learning to consider forever as higher than the moment,

those are my two other lazy boned kids-lol...they just wanted to wear the skates and chat!

(I said folk dancing right?- he doesn't talk about it much but I know he digs it!)



I have successfully encountered one of those seasons of life that consume a lot of time, generate many words, emotions, and feelings-I will be gone for a bit-but will be back hopefully sooner than later!



CAUTION-it's pretty random!

I'm writing this at the end of my weekend hoping in my heart that Sunday would stay a little longer-I just need some more weekend in my life. (So beat this morning we and the children even skipped Sunday School aka Kids Church-had to get that off my chest ;) )

I once listened to the song at the end of this post on repeat over 15 times in my car (not idling though)- rookie? I know I should have went hard and made a day of it.....this sums up the life and times of......ME these days.

If I said I felt like a chicken with my head cut off I would be lying-it's more than that but i"m not sure how to put it.....TO DO LISTS, questions, work, other wheels we are trying to get turning...

Is she complaining????? I would like to take a moment to assure you that I wouldn't have it any other way with the exception of a couple days off every few weeks ;).

All that to say this-Life is what you make it-and I'm still stuck on my decision do just that- MAKE IT!

I've learned again this summer that the things that are important in life are the ones we hold dearest, the desires of our heart and getting your call.

Getting your call means (at least to me) going for that thing in your heart you continually dream of, desiring the pleasurable, committing to the seemingly impossible and taking it.

This post is short and possibly not the sweetest and may sound like something I probably expressed before but- "we're still doing it."

I'm embracing the balance of this summer and looking forward to my favourite season that is right around the corner-A season of beauty, change and thankfully less heat.

I will hopefully have some real cool stuff to share this Fall as we continue www.GROWINGUPTORONTO.com



Cool as a cucumber?

"Not I!"

It's 11:30 at night and I am up in my hot apartment sweating buckets about to conquer some sushi rice because my kids have been at camp for the week and are repulsed by the thought of another sandwich. It's hot like really hot and I am not complaining #justsaying....and saying out loud!

Please enjoy this music to melt to and don't forget to stay cool!

Good night and good day there is a cucumber calling my name and I am ready to take some notes from it.


Weather Forecast: Toronto, Ontario - The Weather Network

Happy Heatwave Toronto!


note to aspiring bad guys: USE BANANAS!

Eighties! Eighties! Eighties! enjoying some good NOT old fashioned summer time jams hope you enjoy!

Happy Monday and stay cool!




Downsview Park hosts free movies all summer long for children and their families....we were regulars last summer and will probably get back into the regular swing of things next week.

Tonight is "How To Train Your Dragon"..."OUTDOOR-FREENESS" could you plan a better Movie Night?

Sure beats the drive-in I used to know! :)




Toronto is full of places and free things to do this summer-here is a list of the places we frequent...you can click on the place names for access to attraction sites!
WOODBINE BEACH- park, splash pad, sports field and skatepark

Scarborough Bluffs-a good place to scare seagulls, find cool rocks and walk along the beach we have actually taken a kite (big shout out to Dollarama)

Lionel's Farm- Love this place admission is free or you can leave a donation on the way out- You can take your own veggies and bread to feed the bottomless pit petting zoo animals-take a hat and some sunscreen there is little to no shade available

KidsTown-It can be classed as a splash pad I guess it's free but tons of space to run and get wet, slides, giant bucket and climbing apparatuses-me and my boys have also got some pretty good seagull action here

Paradise Playground-Kids go crazy here- you may want to call ahead for rates and hours it varies by the day. This is usually our rain date destination right in the heart of Flemingdon Park. (this is an indoor destination although there is a park and splash pad right outside)

Toronto Public Library- Find one near you alot of them have great programs going on all summer long-still may be time to get in on a good summer reading program

Toronto Trails Directory-we usually run wild through the woods of Morningside Park there is also a nice stream there with lots of rocks-we actually saw a huge turtle last week and the splash pad and playground is good for kids of all ages

Toronto Pool Directory-Derek the husband man suggests Heron Park-rumor has it they also have a tube slide

Toronto Spray and Splash Pad Directory- our most favourite one in the city is at Eastview Jr. Public School-we actually had Salome's first birthday party there! So quiet and almost secluded it was awesome.

Toronto Wading Pool Directory-we favour Thompson Park- they have a huge park and two wading pools good sun-bring a blanket a packed lunch and lots of drinking water-hands down one of our favourite spots in the city.

Harbourfront Centre-One of my favouritest places in the city-and the kids like to come too! Canoe Rides in the summer season, boat watching on the harbour and always something to captivate us! May I suggest the Island Soul Festival July 29th-August 1 we had a blast last year.

Sibbalds Point- Lake you can swim in, Sandy beach, Kawartha Ice Cream-nuff said! BRING SAND TOYS!

Ontario Place-wear running shoes because you are definitely going to walk-our suggestion is packed lunches for all of these destinations

Some other suggested spots that are available around the city-my kids have never been but I have only heard good things about!
Riverdale Farm
Skating-actually have taken my kids but never in the summer Myles and Aidan wanted nothing to do with it because they got helmets but no sticks or pucks

Cedar Park Resort- We have never been but I checked out the website and looks like its a good place for a nice laid back sunny day!

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)- free admission Wednesday after 3:30 pm

AGO- Art Gallery of Ontario- free admission to collection galleries every Wednesday from 6-830



A very dear friend of mine has an even dearer neice her name is Gabby and this is a video that she and her buddy Gavin are stars in which I assume their parents helped them with a weeeeeeee bit ....they are amazing! Take a peek!

Left Hands Are Overrated!

I love it!



I am excited to see you
and glad to finally meet you again

I do believe you are one of His best ideas
Your heat, heating the way it's heating
and wind blowing the way it's blowing
you have come as my perfect match-

we soccer,
we swim,
we playground,
we run wild out of doors
and out of order...



Every Button Has a Door

Every button has a door
Which opens wide to let him in;
But when he rolls upon the floor,
Because he's tired of where he's been
And we can't find him anymore,
We use a pin

by Dorothy Aldis

I got a challenge the other day and it was to write a poem using the first line of the above written by Dorothy Aldis...

The given poem to me is lovely, heartwarming, and very creative-I never much imagined a button as a tired little man that was finished with being continually pulled and worked.

Giving lifeless things personality and breath always seem to intrigue me.

I took my shot at it today but I have probably butchered it....I will most likely try again tomorrow glad I have until May :)

Every button has a door.
Every ceiling has a floor.
Almost every chicken
lays great eggs

Anything less,
Would be less;
I guess.

A shiny button without a door?
Just a pretty trinket
Fit for a drawer

And a ceiling,
A ceiling without a floor?
Would be a misplaced wall-
that's it
no more.

And to the chicken
that lacks a great egg-
We'd probably all call her
Sunday Dinner instead.



This is the illustration that we won last year from the Munsch At Home contest for our story "Myles the Rockstar".

I had it in an unzippable zip file who's code I gave up on cracking but just found it online today at www.thestar.com .

Better late then never?

by Myles, Aidan and Christine Jordan

My family sings songs
We sing songs all day long.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock
That’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

Dad makes funky beats and raps his songs.
I love to groove to his music
And break-a-break-a-breakdance on the ground.

Mom flows slow songs – not everyone hears
Her words are like quiet whisssssssperrrrs
And feel good in my ears.

Aidan sings “en francais” folk songs he learned in school.
He chants, “Bonjour les amis” - I think it’s really cool.
He claps out the time and hums the melodies;
And he teaches French songs to me.

My baby sister Salome she rolls around and sings,
With the catchy shaky shaky tune her wrist rattle brings.
She “gooooooos” and she “gaahhhhs”
She’s my little jazz queen.

I’m Myles the rockstar, my songs mostly loud.
I beat on my drums – my voice makes me proud.
I don’t know all the words – that’s why I make up my own
I scream “BooLaLaSenahSenah” in my orange microphone.

Funky flowing folk music jazzy enough to make you rock that’s the song my family sings and I don’t think we’ll ever stop.

My family sings songs
We Sings songs all day long.



Don't forget the lyrics Boyeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Over the years I have realized that I have an amazing ability to procrastinate...maybe not that word...I am more of a putting things off-er.

More times then not this poem comes to my mind when attempting to teach my children the dangers of slothfulness and too much revelling (lost you yet?).

In Elementary School my teacher Mrs. LeBlanc taught us this poem.

I should actually say she strongly impressed it upon us to learn the words inside out and even had time in class ascribing it in our notebooks, reciting it after O'Canada and The Lord's Prayer in the morning-it was something looking back now that seemed very important to her and something she wanted us to get.

I remembered all the words through grade school but forgot them as I grew older...for the past two weeks I have had moments where I have absolutely racked my brains trying to remember the words-and denied the instant satisfaction of a quick Google fix.

Tonight I gave in...

The Ant And The Cricket

A silly young cricket, accustomed to sing
Through the warm, sunny months of gay summer and spring,
Began to complain, when he found that at home
His cupboard was empty and winter was come.
Not a crumb to be found
On the snow-covered ground;
Not a flower could he see,
Not a leaf on a tree.

“Oh, what will become,” says the cricket, “of me?”
At last by starvation and famine made bold,
All dripping with wet and all trembling with cold,
Away he set off to a miserly ant
To see if, to keep him alive, he would grant
Him shelter from rain.
A mouthful of grain
He wished only to borrow,
He’d repay it to-morrow;
If not helped, he must die of starvation and sorrow.

Says the ant to the cricket: “I’m your servant and friend,
But we ants never borrow, we ants never lend.
Pray tell me, dear sir, did you lay nothing by
When the weather was warm?” Said the cricket, “Not I.
My heart was so light
That I sang day and night,
For all nature looked gay.”
“You sang, sir, you say?
Go then,” said the ant, “and sing winter away.”

Thus ending, he hastily lifted the wicket
And out of the door turned the poor little cricket.
Though this is a fable, the moral is good—
If you live without work, you must live without food.

I don't ever want to be a Cricket or a Corky for that matter...(If you don't know who the lady in the picture is this last note probably confused you a bit-sorry!)


pro·cras·ti·nate (pr-krst-nt, pr-)
-To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
-To postpone or delay needlessly



Wednesday we were doing a grocery store run after work, trucking home and I realized that I forgot to remember milk. So we made one last stop at Macs.

I ran in grabbed a bag of milk (paid for it of course)then shot back out to the car sat down and grabbed a quick look at my driver and in the back seat at 2/3 sleeping children and one wide eyed Big Six.

Driver runs back into store for a stamp.

Big Boy begins to chat with me...

Aidan: "What's that?"

Me: "Milk."

Aidan: "Why is it purple then?"

Me: "Because it's a different kind, like Vanessa's milk." (Vanessa is my youngest sister who drinks 1% milk-she has a 5 year old that she does not nurse...although if she decied to to do that there would be nothing wrong with that-)

Aidan: I don't like Vanessa's milk; I like cow's milk!

Me: What? (turning around to face the kid again) What do you mean you don't like Vanessa's milk?

Aidan: I don't like Vanessa's milk I like cow's milk!

Me: What are you talking about Aidan?

Aidan: "Ewwwwwwww I don't like Vanessa's milk I like cow's milk!"

Me: "Is that a joke Aidan?

Me: "I don't know what you are talking about?"

Me: "What are you talking about Aidan?"

(me now thinking to myself...he's a boy...is that a joke?....is that a breast joke? or a breast milk joke? or ummmmmmmmmm?????)

Me: "What are you talking about Aidan?"

Aidan: "It's ok Mom forget it?"

Me: "No problem!"

And then my conclusion:

What the heck just happened?




Yesterday I bought a CD. A compilation of classics that are near and soooo dear to my heart.

First play it seemingly soothed my sanity chasing children...(they are actually really good little muppets but that's just how it feels sometimes..."woe is Me right?")

I think these (my little humans) are the reasons I am not as serious and grown up as I should be at times...but amazingly in the same instance the people who awaken change and perseverance in me and cause me to continually evolve.


Anyway-Myles picked an immediate favourite from the over 17 songs on deck...he tells me it is a special song though, it's not a tune that you can just play at anytime..."it's nice and I wouldn't like to live on the moon...I would miss you Mom and it kind of makes me tired!"

I find it unstrange that I am listening to this song right now actually on repeat trying to hear what they hear.

At the risk of sounding crazier then this whole random post is becoming...it's a pretty deep pick!

Thought I would also include MY all-time favourite moon song which myself and the Jordan Boys have affectionatley remixed...

After the review of my last two musical submissions I would just like to say that I am confident that if Myles goes to the moon anytime soon I may very well be his first round draft pick (sorry Derek) and am quite thankful that he sides with Ernie at this time in his life and I still have a few more minutes until he decides to jump on Frank's team (insert extremely deep breathe here ________!)

Can I get an Amen?