Taking some time out these next few days to remember my Grandad who passed away last year this time. Not really fitting for the regular blog posts I guess but in my heart and minds eye all a part of the way we grow.

He loved words, reading, poems, short pithy statements and getting lost in a good book. He was silent a lot but at all times to me inspiring and his actions spoke louder then any word could ever speak.

I heard a lady who turned I think 105 recite this a couple of weeks ago and for a moment or two I was back on my Grandad's couch and it was almost like we were together again...


For those moments...

Myles: my love lepends on you right mom?

Me: pardon?

Myles: my love lepends on you and your love depends on me...is that right mom?

Me: that's right Myles!

Myles: What does that mean then?

Me: It means that we can't love each other without each other and our love is very important.

Brilliant explanation if I do say so myself and although in that moment it didn't make that much sense- I'm learning every day to catch the heart in matters...counting it one of the highest privileges in life to be trusted with their beautiful lives...glad we go so good together!

One of my new favourite songs for this lifetime...sweet dreaming!