A Lesson in Laundry....

I remember on many occasions growing up and my mother doing laundry and finding stuff in the wash. She would find hair ties, rubber bands, Kleenex, all kinds of very necessary products falling into the mix of what we knew as laundry. The most memorable items I remember her finding was a tube of lipstick (remember those?) and on another occasion a bottle of my middle sister now turned diva/professional foot care nurse's nail polish. Both of the items submitted caused quite the uproar in our little apartment. Clothes Ruined-to say the least.

I remember her complaining to my Nana about the messes made and my Nana saying- "I told you Barbara you must always turn the pockets of the clothes inside out!" It wouldn't be enough to say check the pockets before you started the load it had to be more intricate then this----hence the term "turn them inside out!"

Simple rules that were only sometimes adhered to....why? Maybe because they were coming from Nana and my mom was a self proclaimed know it all like her succeeding daughter and father before her and all of his children!

Or maybe it was because she always told us to make sure we empty our pockets before we put them in the hamper and my mother was skillfully crafting a rulebook of her own. One that was about self empowerment and getting her children to work!!!!

So we lost some garments, lost some change, and had SOME secrets found out because of laundered items-But for the most part my Mother's laundering method was semi-successful.

So why I am writing about Laundry? I've been up since five and have realized that this is a good time for me to do some chores and maybe write a bit. So I am in the Laundromat as we speak and I have learned the lesson my mother had too many years back. Today I pulled out of the washer 1 tube of chap stick, 1 wrapped fortune cookie, about a tablespoon of sand (swear that should have disappeared with the dirty water...but then again there was probably a ton in there), a kid sized "Michael Jackson" type looking glove with the fingers cut off (this would be a random find in some households I was mildly surprised when I found it!)

All that to say this-I am glad I had my boys first and they use chap stick instead of lipstick, their sleeves instead of tissue paper but I really hope they trade their fortune cookies for some fortune I could handle a little spare change in my life every now and again.

Today I have chosen the lesson of my Nan instead of that of my Mom (sorry). I will always turn the pockets inside out and never clue my kids into checking their pants before throwing them into the wash....why? I feel in some way that although it made more work for my Nana raising six kids and turning all those pockets inside out week after week. I kind of think in some way it gave her the upper hand and provided great insight into the lives of her children in their growing years.

Just a thought! ;)